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Oct 15, 2019 9:11 AM ET

Best Ways to Optimize Social Media Sharing on WordPress Blogs

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 15, 2019

When it comes to the virtual existence of general population, no one can deny the fact that social media platforms are the most common shared spaces for people of every age. Every person belonging to this high-paced age of technology cannot resist using it because social media has not restricted itself to just entertainment and fun, it has multiple other functions to perform which involve business, marketing, advertising, and PR. If your job includes promoting or marketing work on the online platforms, you would be familiar with WordPress and how effective it is in keeping your content on the good ranks in Google. You should also be interested in learning about all those methods you can use to promote your work on Google pages, Facebook or other social media forums. Strategies and following the latest techniques as well as trends are the most important things to be kept in mind when beginning to learn about social media marketing.  Over 76% people use Facebook daily for the sole purpose of finding reasonable content to use in their projects or official tasks while the rest of 43% is the population of consumers whose purpose to use social media is to purchase products from what they have learned from social media. Learning the use and usage of social media forums is important in order to know the time, age limit, functions for which people use this virtual space because this learning will help you use this space in promoting your work/services.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before marketing your WordPress content on social media.

Knowing why, when and how people promote content

When you are dealing with the general public and your work is greatly dependent on them, you should be well aware of their likes and dislikes, their schedule of consuming a virtual space (let’s say, Facebook) – basically the psychology of a consumer. The producer has to take the responsibility of learning what a consumer does on their common space of marketing. The reason is simple. Both the producer and consumer are needy of each other’s presence. A producer needs to make sales to the consumer and the consumer has to fulfill his needs by taking benefit from the producer. In this symbiotic situation, the producer always has to know more than the consumer in the sense that the producer is the manufacturer of the consumer’s needs. If he does not know the needs of the consumer, he may never be able to provide the service that the consumer demands.

Coming back to the main discussion, the producer/manufacturer, with his keen knowledge, would produce the content on the social media for the sake of promotion whose taste is in keeping with the consumer. It is not just about the taste, though. There are other factors like age-limit, time of social media consumption, type of social media that the consumer uses and the purpose for which he spends the maximum number of hours.

Then comes the turn of the expectations you hold from your followers, of your content to be shared by them. The content that serves multiple purposes will have different reasons to be shared by the general public. It could be entertainment, utility of the service or anything that catches their attention and demands to be shared. Make sure your marketing strategy is strong enough to cater to these needs of your audience.

Titles, Themes, and Topic

It greatly matters the theme, topic or words you choose to create a piece of content. Sometimes if all of these components are not well in keeping with each other, there is a good chance you will not attract the attention by the visitors or users because of the fact that your content is not making sense to them. If the wording of your content is not simple and easy to understand, again, the visitor will be lost. Your content is not a piece of literature that comes with the demand of long contemplations or deep, thoughtful sessions. It is on the internet to cater to a variety of minds that are searching for simple answers to simple questions. That is the kind of place internet is. You can also be specified with the audience and create a variety of content so that you serve not just a single type but a multitude of it. You should also be mindful of the themes, genres, visuals you select for a specific type of content. If all of these components are working well together, there is a good chance you have already found an audience that you can experiment with once you have gained their trust by providing them with quality content and service.

Headlines, Meta-descriptions, And the Interior

You should never overlook the power of well-structured content. If the headline does not possess the keyword that the user puts on the search bar, your content will be lost. Keywords are really important in this regard as they determine the position of your content. The density of your keyword should be measured as well. There are multiple tools and software to find that out. The meta-description is the explanation that comes under the headline. The second thing that the visitor reads after the headline is the description which should possess a sufficient summary of what is in the article. Make sure the headline, the two-liner description and the interior of the article have sensible relevance with each other.

Visuals and Social Sharing

If you have not visually aided the text body, there is a good chance your audience will not be intrigued by opening your piece of content. Visuals hold similar importance as the text does. Sometimes it is only the image that attracts the audience into exploring your piece of work. Therefore, it should be unique.

Then comes the turn of the tool which enables your audience to share and reshare your word. Keep your content and such options simple and easy so that they don’t have to dig too much in order to avail these features. All of this is only possible when you have good internet service at your disposal. Let’s say you’re in New York and looking for a reliable service, search on “internet service NYC” on Google; you will be provided with the top-rated internet providers right away.


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