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Oct 4, 2019 10:40 AM ET

What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 4, 2019

While you certainly should be aware of ways to avoid getting in a car accident, sometimes due to inevitable conditions, you can end up being involved in one. Very often, people caught up in an accident panic, and have no idea what to do next, creating a difficult situation for themselves.

There are many important steps you need to take immediately in such a situation, like contacting truck accident lawyers. However, there are other important steps as well, which we will see below.

  1. Don’t Escape 

To be very clear, never ever try running away from the scene. Even if you think it’s a minor accident, and therefore not necessary to stay. Always remain at the scene and settle matters first, or it may become a problem for you later on.

  1. Contact Police 

Contacting the police needs to be done immediately. Just as soon as you know that you have become involved in an accident, straight-away call the police. Until the time police arrive, do not move the vehicle on your own. Ignoring to call the police might reduce your chances of getting insurance claim as well.

  1. Take Note of The Details 

Brainstorm the whole details of the collision as soon as possible. Try to be as accurate as you can, and remember every small detail. Take note of what has happened, and keep it in your mind in the best possible way, or if possible take notes.

Don’t try to be tough about the accident or your injuries. If you’re unhurt, mentioning that you’re unsure about it, is recommended to avoid any confusion if you later find you have been hurt. However, it doesn’t mean that you should start exaggerating things.

  1. Gather Proofs 

Sometimes, the other parties involved in the scene get quite dishonest to keep their side safe and try to picture the scene to their advantage. So, gathering as much proof as you can to support your report is highly recommended.

Try to take pictures of any damage done, or even the injuries that you have acquired. If the accident has some witnesses, get their names and phone numbers. Ask them to stay to tell the police what they saw.

  1. File The Report With All The Details 

As soon as the police arrive, exchange all your information with them, and verbally detail the accident as best you can as to what exactly happened and why you think it happened. Make sure they know and understand each and every step of the accident in full detail.  If things get uncovered later, it might make things hard for you.

Also, file a report with the police immediately if they have not done it. It will help you greatly in court, if necessary,  or with your insurance claim.

  1. Don’t Ignore Any Injuries

Even if the wound is slight, or you think that you weren’t hurt enough to refer to a doctor, visit some medical centre as soon as possible. The injuries involved in road accidents are often not very apparent. They appear after one or two days, even more sometimes. But they can leave a big impact on your body, so you don’t take small injuries lightly. If you were unconscious for a second, it could mess up your cognitive system for your whole life!

  1. Consult An Attorney 

Seeking advice from a lawyer is essential. Never proceed with any legal actions, like claiming for your rights or going to the insurance company, before you have talked with an attorney. They help you get your rights and not be manipulated by anyone.


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