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Oct 4, 2019 2:57 AM ET

University Town Islamabad

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 4, 2019

The beautiful sceneries and breathtaking environment of the University town Islamabad make this society a magnificent one.  It is a CDA approved housing project that allows people to pay for a comfortable living in the middle of pure surroundings and lush green areas in one of the most beautiful capitals of the world.

Beautiful environment paired with contemporary facilities add value not only to this brilliant society but to its surroundings too. Aside from the opulent location, the investment opportunities in society are infinite because of the availability of many different residential and commercial properties in the most cost-effective prices. It’s a perfect location for individuals who wish to live and work in clean surroundings with the best amenities.

This housing venture was launched in 1992 but remained inactive for a long time. The project began gaining popularity after the news of the inauguration of Islamabad International Airport started.

University Town Islamabad Location

University Town Islamabad is situated on Kashmir Highway near New Islamabad Airport on a village known as Bajnial in District Rawalpindi. M-1 and M-2 Motorway are also situated nearby. Sector G-13 and Islamabad Chowk are also located 5 minutes away from University Town Islamabad.

Eighteen Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Islamabad International Airport and Faisal Town are all situated nearby.

University Town Islamabad Map

The Owner

The owner of the University Town is Mr. Abdul Aziz Khan, a professor by profession belonging from Peshawar, Pakistan. It is his first real estate venture.


The society has attained its NOC from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). You can verify this information from the RDA website against the no. RDA: RDA/MP & TE/F – PHS – 43/1873 dated 9-5-2006.

It is one of the successful societies that has attained its NOC while bigger housing societies like Blue World City and ICHS Town are still awaiting their permissions.

Total Area

This housing scheme comprises an area of 4500 Kanal.

Project Details

University Town is divided into six total blocks, namely A, B, C, D, E, and F.

Half the blocks are developed while the other half is currently under development. However, the construction work in these areas is in full swing.

Nearly all the development work in University Town is finalized. 100% development is completed in Blocks ‘A, B & D’ and possession is available of plots in these blocks.  The development work in blocks C, E & F is ongoing and will be delivered soon.

The houses in the developed blocks are made, and the residents are living a contemporary life away from all the pollution and noisy environment. A complete peaceful and comfortable environment is what attracted to these residents to move to University Town. All basic facilities, e.g., water, electricity, carpeted roads, parks, paved streets, and roads are available in society.

The work in the remaining blocks is also ongoing speedily. The officials of University town are aiming to deliver the plots in these sectors to their owners by the end of 2020.

Plot sizes and Price

The prices in different blocks are different due to the development work in them. The blocks where the possession is granted have higher prices while the still developing blocks have lower prices.

Following plot prices are demanded in society:

University Town Price Index

A rise in demand for prices of plots in University town was seen after the elections 2018. Which brought joy and relief for the investors and dealers working in University Town. However, before this time, they had to experience an investment burial during Ramzan and a small period after Eid-ul-Fitr.

University Town has largely attracted the investors looking for mid to long-term investment opportunities while the end-users get drawn to this auspicious housing society due to the most affordable prices of residential and commercial plots available in the society.

The societies that boasts similar environment and facilities including Park View City and Bahria Enclave have much higher rates and quite less profit margin compared to University Town Islamabad.


Different luxurious and basic utilities are available at this housing scheme, due to which the construction work on several houses has begun in University Town Islamabad. A few of the facilities provided are stated as follows:


Why is University Town a Good Investment opportunity?

Experts believe that comparatively, lower plot costs are the main reason behind this project’s popularity. The housing scheme underwent a gradual but consistent price appreciation after the inauguration of Islamabad International Airport. Not just this society but all the societies in this vicinity benefited from this situation. It became significant and beneficial for the investors who had already invested in society. Since then the society has sparked increasing interest from buyers and investors from the country and abroad. This increase in the prices did not stop there, but due to the active involvement of buyers and investors, the management of this town realized the potential and started quality and speedy development of the blocks.

Not only you can buy a plot here for investment, but you will also benefit from getting instant possession so you can build a house for your family in the most serene locations near Islamabad. The location of University town will allow you to travel to the neighboring cities easily and in a short time. The crossing of the metro bus route nearby the society will make the commune around the society quite affordable and efficient.

Demand is greater for plots in Blocks A, D and E blocks in comparison to other blocks. Additionally, the 5 and 10-marla plot sizes are the most popular in society due to their easy tradeable sizes. However 10 marla and 1-Kanal plots are great for medium-term investment plans.

But if you are looking for a plot to build your own house you should consider purchasing 5 marla plots. In this regard, Block A is the most feasible choice.


What attracts the investors to this project is the rich natural environment and striking location. Beautiful sights combined with the most affordable prices of society eye-catching and raise the interest of people in this housing society.

University Town is a diamond in the rough and has not discovered its full potential yet, but it’s a very bright future, and the present minor defects in the society won’t even matter.

Though there are a couple of problems in the society due to lack of gas connection and lack of attention from its officials, this society remains a goldmine for buyers due to its extremely fantastic location and elite perspectives.

Furthermore, its proximity to double cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi, which makes it quite easy to travel to and out of society. What’s more, that the Metro bus route to the society also has made traveling much less hard because of its citizens consequently making it among the most perfect home societies in that area.



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