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Oct 3, 2019 6:20 AM ET

The Largest Football Stadiums in Australia

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 3, 2019

A football (American English: football) stadium is a massive structure, usually roofless surrounding a field where soccer is played. The arrangement consists of tiers of seats for spectators at a sporting event. Australia has a wide variety of stadiums and soccer pitches. The majority of the stadiums in the country are used including baseball and cricket leagues, frequently for more than only one sport. The soccer team doesn’t have a stadium for the group, and the staff is needed to play with facilities at the stadiums that are various.

1. Melbourne Cricket Ground

Situated in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Victoria is the largest soccer stadium in Australia called the Melbourne Cricket Ground or ‘The G.’ Having a capacity of 100,024, the Melbourne Cricket Ground isn’t just the most famous cricket arena in Australia but also acts as a venue for soccer events held in the country. MCG ranks number ten as the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia and the world’s largest stadium. The scene is easily accessible as it is situated within walking distance of town centre. In 2005 MCG has been cataloged in the Heritage Register and was included on the list for Australian National Heritage.

2. Stadium Australia

With a capacity of 84,000, Stadium Australia is the biggest soccer stadium in the nation. The scene was officially opened on March 6th, 1999 before the 2000 Summer Olympics that Australia hosted. The New South Wales team was enjoying the State of home games at the stadium since it opened. The stadium also hosts the National Rugby League grand.

3. Docklands Stadium

The biggest soccer stadium in Australia with a capacity of 56,347 is a stadium not only for sports but also amusement located in Melbourne, Docklands Stadium. The arena is also known by its former titles that Ufa is Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome and Etihad Stadium that are its sponsorship name. The scene, whose construction started in October 1997, was a replacement for Waverly Park. The scene opened 2000 after a building cost of AU$460 million. It’s also a broadcast centre called the Seven Network’s headquarters. The arena is principally employed for Australian Soccer.

4.Adelaide Oval

With a capacity of 53,853, Adelaide Oval South Australia is the largest football stadium in the nation. Adelaide Oval is a stadium and Australian Soccer matches. Sports and activities hosted by the arena include concerts, rugby union, football, and league. Adelaide Oval has been the headquarters of the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA) and the South Australian National Football League (SANFL). The scene, which was opened in 1871, is under the management of the Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority (AOSMA). After the renovations to the scene between 2014 and 2008, Football Park was abandoned by two of the soccer clubs of Adelaide.


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