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Sep 30, 2019 8:09 AM ET

Characteristics of a Good Translation Services in Abu Dhabi

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 30, 2019

It is pragmatic that in the last decade the language translation as well as interpreting industry has experienced phenomenal growth that is driven by globalization, localization and of course internationalization.

The work of translation and interpretation is a task that requires careful handling along with authentic translation as per the native language of the target market. Due to its intense nature and demand, it is preferred across the globe to hire professional translation agency in contrast to a freelancer.

A professional translation agency is one that not only has professional, linguistic experts who can translate every bit of the content in the meaningful message with authenticity but are also able to comprehend and decode the message behind a brand with precision and meticulousness.

What Translation Means in Corporate Sector?

Before scrutinizing the characteristics of a good translation agency, let us briefly understand what translation means while highlighting its importance when it comes to the corporate sector.

Katy Barnwell in 2012 quoted in her book that translation is in fact re-telling something exactly as much as possible, without altering the meaning of the original message in such a way that it looks natural in the language to which it is being translated.

Since all the languages are different, therefore they have their own set of grammar, own specific words to express a particular scenario. Therefore to express the meaning of the context the translator is translating, he requires a set of grammatical forms along with specific words to translate it in a more meaningful form. In reality, the sole work of a translator is to translate the meaning of the message of the context properly, instead of working only on the words.

Physiognomies of a Professional Translation Agency

There are a few compulsory characteristics that every professional translation agency must possess, ensuring trustworthiness and dependability of the clients.

Preference of Native Translators

It is recommended to prefer native translators only as they deem to handle the translation job effectively as well as efficiently. They are well-versed with the cultural perspective of the target audience along with knowledge about their behavior, likes and subtleties regarding the message of the brand. It is analyzed that the native translators are always superior as they are aware of the foreign market and their comportments.

Use Domain Specialized Translators Only

When hiring a translation services agency, it is commended to ensure that the agency has specialized translators from different fields. For instance, if you have legal documents and proceedings to be translated then it is preferred to go for such a translating agency who possess a degree in the field of law. The same rule has to be followed for IT, insurance businesses, engineering as well as the healthcare sector.

If you are searching for an expert translating agency in Dubai than Torjoman Translating Services offers professional translating services. They have more than 1,000 linguist experts who have command on over 100 languages. They offer legal translation services to marketing as well as website translation and localization with perfection. We ensure you won’t be able to find better translation services in Abu Dhabi than Torjoman Translating Services.

Desktop Publishing and Quality Control

It is the effectiveness of the localization service provider to always plan a proper and flawless execution layout of the project. It helps in streamlining the process with effectiveness as well as allows in helping the client in updating the progress of the work.

Constant Elevation with Advancements

In the era where the technologies keep on upgrading now and then, it is crucial to keep up with the advancements. Therefore for an ideal translation service company, it is vital to have access to the latest tools and the techniques of translation, allowing them to deliver the client-driven services with ease.

Translation Samples Always Ready

It is crucial to ensure that you have a translation sample with you when you receive a query from the customer. To demonstrate the high-quality of your work, it is recommended to gather your best samples to mark an impression.

Usage of Terminology Lists and Glossaries

The translation agency ought to be well-versed with the standard language glossaries as well as terminology lists that deem to be helpful in offering efficient as well as accurate translation services.

Channelizing the Feedback

It is an important trait of a good translation company to always welcome feedbacks and responds to them promptly while implementing on it, instantaneously. With a massive pool of competition, the translation agency must be offering high-quality translation services at the lowest possible cost. Translation services in Abu Dhabi are always cost-effective while providing an effective translation of the context provided them.

Certified Translation Services

The translating agency must be certified, certification including EN 15038 and ISO 9001, that defines the qualitative excellence the agency possess. It is always preferred to choose such a company who have these certificates with them. Torjoman Translating Service is a premium certified translation service in Abu Dhabi.



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