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Sep 23, 2019 3:06 AM ET

6 Signs Your Small Business is Headed in The Wrong Direction

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 23, 2019

You had a strong opening and customers were receptive to your business and had big plans to make purchases and build relationships when suddenly tide change and you think wow is my small business headed in the wrong direction? There are a few telltale signs that a collapse is on the horizon. Your business is always strapped for cash. Within your market and industry there are other businesses that have seen a steady increase in business profits. You seem to always struggle to find a way to pay Peter with Paul’s money. With your marketing strategy you seem to never come out on top of making new connections and sales. Your vision for your small business is a bit blurry. And finally, your customers are silent with communication. Fixing these signs and creating a different outcome can help your business grow and get out of the weeds.

Your Business is Always Strapped for Cash

With the ever-growing demands on your overhead decisions you seem to constantly be treading water when it comes to your payments to vendors and loans. Have you managed your money and budget poorly, or did you not anticipate your flow of cash in and out well? If you did a good job with testing your market with a steady analysis prior to opening, you heat want to elevate the extra weight of a few key ingredients and see if that does the trick. You can also look at other small business loan options and credit cards that may give you a better rate plus bring in a few extra perks when it comes to wining and dining new clients or the steady travel needs. Save big on hotel stays and airlines by selecting credit cards that are tailored to tour individual business needs. Playing it smart with your finances can lead to the break you are so desperate to make.

Business Is Not Growing as Fast as Others in The Same Market

There can be a lot of reasons why a business is failing to grow. You see that the business you are competing with is constantly business with a stream of customers during peak shopping times while you are dead as a doornail at the same time. Evaluating what they are offering and what is bringing in the steady flow can help you make some changes to your business plan. If you are a new tech company and you see that other businesses like yours are expanding and creating actual office space to accommodate the demand, turn to social media and a good marketing firm to turn your demographics and potential customers eyes on your prize possession, your small business.

Paying Peter to Pay Paul

Poor money management is one of the main factors that can lead to your sudden U Turn in profits and sales. Mismanaging your business with an outdated system to control inventory and misallocation of funding to certain areas of your business can turn bad quickly. Also, leadership skills of knowing when you need to bring on accountant or accounting personnel to look over your financial situation can settle the dust on the path of no return.

Poor Marketing Strategy Not Paying Off

Have you spent your entire advertising budget on some get rich quick schemes marketing pitfall campaign? These types of decisions can leave your business stranded with no hope of rescue. If you see that your marketing strategy isn’t paying off then turn to the out of the box strategies to connect you with your customers and their friends on social media. You could also bring it back old school and hold a few networking events to bring others into your market together to refer each other’s services and products. This will bring brand awareness and a bit of comradery with referrals allowing a lit of a bartering pack with if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. This will be a win/win for the businesses involved.

Fuzzy Vision

Are you a bit confused on what exactly your focus and business vision should be since opening the doors to your small business? Did you skip some essential planning steps when it came to your business plan? There still might be hope for you yet. Acknowledging you are changing course and make the necessary modifications to your model, while taking in a true market research to see if the customers will be there, will celebrate your focus to what matters and that is bringing customers to your business while gaining that piece of the pie and allowing it to grow.

Customers are Silent

During your open house you had an excellent showing of potential client promising to bring business your way, when you realize those same people are not returning your calls and skipping out on scheduled appointments. You looked into your industry again and see there are a few other small businesses that opened shop at the same time. Instead of holding your breath with the clients you thought you had, you have to get on the ball and bring in new business. The sign that new businesses are opening too, shows you there is a need for your small business you just have to find a way to connect to your actual customers. Finding a niche networking event where you could showcase your business and show confidence you are the right business for the job will open new doors even if others were closing. Constantly connecting to potential customers while holding true to your current ones will be the line you must walk as a new small business owner.

Even when you feel the shift in your small business is headed in the wrong direction, know that there are adjustments and changes you can make to put you back on course and breath life back into your business.


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