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Sep 21, 2019 3:21 PM ET

Buy Votes for Online Contest- Should you Do It?

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 21, 2019

The internet has paved the way for new businesses to pop up because it eliminated the costs of startup, marketing and more. This gave many people the opportunity to establish their own business, which they couldn’t do before. But, it has also made markets competitive, which means survival is difficult. Thousands of businesses have shut down because they weren’t able to keep up. Existing businesses use everything at their disposal to reach out to their customers, both existing and potential. Online contests is also a weapon in their arsenal that they can use for attracting a worldwide audience.

How? Every business offers a bigger and better prize in every contest to keep things interesting for their customers. A huge number of contestants go up against each other for the prize. You may also be one of them. It is easy to get involved because you know that you just need to get votes to win the competition. Even though it comes across as simple, you will soon realize that it is not. Consequently, people have to buy votes for facebook poll because it seems to be the only way that you can secure your win. Sure, there is another route that most people take; they ask for votes and collect them manually.

It is easy to get confused between the two options. For some, it is black and white. Buying the votes costs you money whereas the other only requires your time and a little bit of effort. For others, it is more difficult to make a choice because they don’t know the pros and cons of each option. Let’s take a look at them to decide whether you should buy the votes or not:

Manual Vote Collection

In traditional contests, if you needed to get votes, you had one avenue to use; ask those you know to vote on your behalf. This remains true today as well. You can apply the same technique in online contests, which means reaching out to people in your circle and asking them for votes. This seems easy enough, but you have to know that not everyone you talk to will listen to your request. Even if they do, your vote count at the end of the day will not be even close to what you want. Why? This is due to the fact that you will still be far behind other contestants.

If you don’t want to voting stimmen kaufen or for other contests, you can even ask people in online forums or groups you have joined to vote for you. The issue is that there is no guarantee it will work. Not everyone will pay heed and even if they do, some may ask you to share the prize. In fact, some of these people will also join the contest and make it even more difficult for you to win. Suffice it to say, this method doesn’t guarantee you a win and is very risky.

Let’s look at the alternative:

Buy Online Votes for Contest

This is the second option that you can explore when you are truly dedicated to winning the contest. With this tactic, you will get the votes needed for winning the contest very quickly and you will not have to make even half the effort for them. No time will be wasted either. In short, it is like a dream come true. You don’t need to worry about the votes being rejected, as long as you use a reliable and trustworthy voting provider to purchase the votes. There are many providers in the market and not all of them are legitimate. As a matter of fact, some are just scams that take your money while others provide low quality votes and cannot keep up with the rules and regulations of online contests.

With reputable voting providers, such as Votes Zone, you can purchase unique IP votes. Each of these votes are generated through real profiles and accounts and possess a unique IP address. Therefore, they are declared as authentic by the contest organizers and accepted on your behalf. They are not generated by any auto bots and so will not disappear after a while. With these votes, you can turn the contest in your favor because you can reach the top and beat other contestants without any hassle.

It is true that you will have to pay for the votes, but the cost is minimal when you compare it to the value of the prize you get. That’s not all; you also save time and effort because you don’t have to ask anyone to vote for you. You don’t need to share it with anyone that you have entered into a contest. Since you can buy real online votes, you can keep your participation under wraps and no one has to know about it. Secondly, you don’t need to worry about the delivery of the votes either.

No matter how short the contest deadline may be, you will be able to get the votes without any problems. As a matter of fact, there are voting providers who specialize in providing votes on an urgent basis. Even if the deadline is a few hours away, you can still purchase the votes. Typically, these providers take 24 hours in delivery because they add the votes after short intervals. The purpose is not to alert anyone or make them suspicious about where you got the votes.

When you compare the two options, you realize that manual collection is not exactly the right way if you are committed to winning. Buying the votes, on the other hand, can bring you a lot closer to your dream. You can buy DJ mag vote, Twitter votes, Facebook votes, Reddit votes, PollDaddy votes and plenty of others. You can get them at very reasonable prices. The amount you spend depends on the package you purchase. The key is to choose the right package and you will receive the votes needed to secure your prize and victory.


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