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Sep 18, 2019 7:28 AM ET

Purchase a perfect RO water purifier and maintain for long-lasting life

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 18, 2019

The basic necessity for all humans is pure drinking water. Obtaining pure drinking water has become a challenge after the evolution of industrial development, growth in population and environmental degradation. With such hazardous situations around, we need to know the various purification techniques available and make sure to drink pure and safe drinking water. The RO system has designed to provide pure drinking water and the latest appliance being used in homes and commercial spaces.

Importance of RO water purifier 

Natural water is said to contain a lot of minerals which is good for humans. It is also important to bear in mind that additional drinking of such minerals can lead to health issues. In that case, a good water purifier is one that helps in eradicating additional salts, microbes, suspended impurities and impuritiesand also sustains important minerals and vitamins. There are many manufacturers of RO purifier in the industry and picking the right one is a challenge.

Types of water

Before planning to purchase an RO water purifier for home, there is an analysis to be conducted by the buyer. This navigates to an idea of picking the right RO water purifier for home. The water type can be hard or soft. Underground water from tankers, bore wells etc. are sources of hard water. Hard water contains enhanced metals, arsenic and fluorides. Soft waters are ones obtained from rain harvesting, lakes, rivers and municipality supplied water.

Types of water purifiers 

For individuals who think their water is hard are to opt for RO water purifier. RO is not required for soft water. A UV water purifier is chosen for highly contaminated water. For highly contaminated as well as hard water then a RO+UV water purifier can be installed. For low contamination and hard water, RO water purifier is considered. For low or high contamination and soft water, a UV purifier can be picked. Based on the particular need, RO water purifiers are available in the market. There are many best and budget-friendly models available in the flea market.  RO water purifier price varies based on the model opted.

Working of RO water purifier

The RO water purifier follows an RO or reverse osmosis technique. This follows a multi-stage filtration process used to remove the various impurities from water. There is a thin membrane in the purifier that is mainly used to remove chemicals, salt and impurities from water and make it perfect for drinking. Usually, the contaminated water passes through this mentioned thin membrane that has small-sized pores. Through this membrane, the microorganisms and minerals are weeded out. The impurities are flushed out utilizing an outlet pipe. This is the working methodology that helps in bringing fresh and pure drinking water. To have a good working condition RO water purifier, proper maintenance is necessary.

Maintaining water purifier

The RO water purifier will function perfectly with perfect maintenance. Here are a few points that mention tips and tricks about maintaining a water purifier.

Filter change: The filter of RO needs to be changed three months once. The key reason is that the water contaminants get clogged on the filter in short duration hence it should be monitored. If filters aren’t changed, then the contaminants will pass on to the drinking water. The RO water purifier has two to twelve purification stages and hence filter change must be planned timely.

Membrane replacement 

Semi-permeable membranes are present in RO purifiers and its main feature is to filter out contaminants and permit water to pass through. It is suggested to change RO membranes every two to three weeks for peak performance.

Leakages and drips 

Immediate professional assistance is required in case of leakages and drips in the RO water purifier. If leakages are ignored they may lead to bigger issues. Hence leakages are to be considered and call professionals for help. The professional would make a thorough check regarding the leakage and avoid damage to the machine.

RO tank sanitization 

For the water purifier to work perfectly, the RO water pipes are to be cleaned regularly. By this way, the water purifier is maintained in good condition. It is hence advised to sanitize tanks as filters are replaced.

Annual maintenance services

A RO water purifier can be maintained well by seeking the help of professionals. Hence annual maintenance contracts can be tied up with them, where they take the responsibility and make regular check-ups for filter change and other issues in the RO water purifier. By this way, the appliance is maintained in good condition and lasts longer. The users do not have to stress or monitor any changes in the system.

The maintenance tips are important that helps in a long-lasting water purifier. Users, who do not like to take up the burden of maintaining the RO system, can enrol for AMC maintenance. In this system, the company takes responsibility for complete service annually. Apart from purchasing a budget-oriented RO water purifier, maintaining the appliance is very important. RO users are to plan and take steps in maintaining the equipment.


Though there are several water purifiers in the market, people consider several factors before purchasing one. They look into performance factors, budget, size, water type etc. With such deep analysis, the decision is made. Hence maintaining such precious appliance is important. People know the importance of safe drinking water and hence take steps in purchasing the latest RO water purifier. Hence users are to plan while purchasing looking for the latest updated model and also remember to maintain the appliance for lasting safe drinking water.


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