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Sep 18, 2019 9:36 AM ET


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Unwinding a cable, optical or electric, is the most exhausting task. Cables can, in no time, twist into themselves and turn into something perplexing. Cable wraps as the Velcro cable wraps keep them from un-necessary turning and twisting, this is called cable management which is defined as the act of preventing the cables from breaking or tangling in their locations.

Cable management includes covering electric cables for security purposes, protecting the cables (optic) from residual danger, applying cable ties to prevent tangling.

Cable management varies with environment and substrate

Under-water cables are not managed the same way as the cables used on land. There are different protocols of cable supervision depending on where they are present and what type of cable requires management. For a proper and safe administration of cables, several measures are taken into account that fall into management.

These are cable selection; copper, platinum, aluminum, and rubber wires are used after being tested positive for the product and security, cable labeling, cable planning; this includes the use of cable keeping in view the habitat they are to be used in for example workplace segregation, moving equipment, etc.

Wire ties put an end to cable netting

Wraps like Velcro cable wraps are used to avert cable entangling and keep them tidy. Wraps are important not only because they save human energy of untangling the messy cables, but also because if the wires are webbed, cable damage is probable. Many cable wraps are available to counter this issue.

Wrap strap, rip-tie mini¸ cable carrier, cable catch, and rip-lock cable wrap are available to stop entanglement. You can see a cable wrap around any cable, for instance, laptop-battery cables. Cable catch and rip-tie mini are some of the smoothest cable wraps used today. The cable-catch has different compartments for cables and many can be handled using one catch, while the other is the one you see in all the mobile phone and laptop charger-wires.

Velcro cable wraps: rainbow command

Velcro is not only used as cable wraps, but also as organizers. This is due to their color variety that can be used to wrap multi-colored wires. It makes it much easier to locate the wires. Velcro cable wraps are usually used for computers and are economic and efficient.

They have the ability to self-lock, making sure that the wire once wrapped is not let free unless you want it to. Velcro cable wraps have this advantage over the traditionally used wraps which use sticking abilities to keep the cables wrapped.


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