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Aug 25, 2019 5:10 AM ET

Interview with Gabriella's Kitchen CEO Margot Micallef

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 25, 2019

CEO Margot Micallef to discuss the global implications of Gaby’s innovative products.

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New beginnings

Gabriella’s Kitchen is a cannabis wellness company founded in health and nutrition. Spurred by a dire cancer prognosis, sisters Gabriella and Margot sought a healthier lifestyle that might prolong Gabriella’s life.

Thus, Gabriella’s Kitchen was formed. Proving that consumer demand was real, the business took off. Gaby went from 200 retail outlets to 3,400, and growing to 2018 revenue of over $9 million dollars.

Leading the Field

As CEO, Micallef’s visionary role was driven by her sister’s condition as she searched wellness and nutrition science relentlessly. Though she had never previously explored cannabis products, her quest led her to the many case studies and current research based on the health attributes associated with the cannabis plant.

Convinced that the properties of cannabis could enhance her products, Micallef sought out the pioneers in the field and found Mara Gordon, process engineer and CEO of The Oil Plant (TOP), and Jamie Fay, a seasoned executive in packaged goods.

Gordon had her own health problems and her search for wellness paralleled Micallef’s. The two joined forces, merged companies, and have now released many new products, infused with cannabis and healthy ingredients, to promote the field of well being through nutrition.

The documentary “Weed the People” features Gordon’s groundbreaking and data-oriented work. Working with clinicians and physicians, Gordon explores five families that have successfully used cannabis to treat a variety of cancers. Gordon’s previous advisory status at GABY was so successful that she was assigned Chief Research Officer. With Gordon’s proprietary knowledge and TOP’s cost effective, high grade, whole plant oil extraction, all the right ingredients came together for GABY’s kitchen.

Meanwhile, Fay has senior-level executive experience from Hain Celestial, Nature’s Path Foods and Mars Inc. and brings extensive packaged goods expertise to the table. He joins his former colleagues, Maureen Putman and Irwin Simon, in applying natural and organic food industry successes to the nascent cannabis industry.

Looking Ahead

Gifted with gratitude and acknowledgement of Gordon’s work, Micallef seeks to make cannabis available to all who are suffering with illness through legalization. Micallef recognizes California, currently the greatest producer of cannabis and also the largest market of wellness products, to be a forerunner in consumer habits. Micallef is banking on the “halo” effect as legalization spreads and markets go global.

The TOP acquisition provided the company with a Type-6 non-volatile manufacturing license to operate a cannabis extraction and infusion facility in the state of California. GABY is also in the process of acquiring Sonoma Pacific Distribution, a leading California cannabis distribution and marketing company. The addition of Sonoma’s licensed distribution channel gives the company control of the product life cycle from conception through manufacturing to wholesale in the world’s largest legal cannabis market. GABY is also aiming for markets in Canada, where federal legalization has recently occurred and where edibles are expected to be legalized later this year.

The company also recently joint ventured with Eximius Coffee to introduce cannabis and CBD-infused ready-to-drink cold brew coffee and pods. The coffees for the licensed dispensary channel will be manufactured at TOP while those aimed for the mainstream grocery and convenience channel using hemp CBD oil will be manufactured through a partnership relationship with an Oregon facility. In addition to near-term revenue potential, the deal could pave the way to wider entry into the beverage market.

GABY’s ability to adapt and expand is well ensured, as exports out of Canada are free to fly to global markets far and wide. With this distribution infrastructure in place, Gabriella’s Kitchen continues to be a thought leader and intends to leave a global footprint for their innovative products. As such, the company offers the opportunity for investors to participate in an early stage cannabis play that looks well-positioned to take off.

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