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Aug 21, 2019 5:52 AM ET

A Student’s Guide: Must-Visit Places on Summer Holidays

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 21, 2019

We could name that article “The most affordable cities to visit for a student” or “The cheapest places a student can travel to”. But as you see, we did not. Why so? Because for one person living in the U.S., Europe trip will be much more expensive than a holiday in Canada while for a student in Prague, Canada seems to be too far away. So, the experts of “write my essay” requests have picked three destinations that you must visit on one of your summer holidays. Enjoy!

Canada: Real All-Inclusive


Before we begin, let’s see how much you know about Canada. Answer one simple question. The capital of Canada is: Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto? We hope you know this trick and have answered Ottawa! Yes, Toronto is not a capital, although it is the largest city in Canada. Now, let’s start your trip to a well-known city with a spire.

The first thing we could not help but mention is that Toronto looks like New York. Judge by yourself, same police cars, signs, yellow traffic lights, school buses, hot-dog food trucks. For this reason, you often find Toronto serving as film grounds for Hollywood instead of NY. There is even a square that substitutes Times Square – Dundas. Whilst filming around the Harvard grounds is banned, the University of Toronto acts the part. All in all, a trip to Toronto may well turn into a trip to NY if you select the pictures right.

Toronto has a couple of symbols: the main of them is CN Tower, the tallest construction in the Western hemisphere; the next one is Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team (although Canadian basketball team “Raptors” became the NBA champions this year); and in spite beavers are being Canada’s symbol, we would add squirrels to the plate! So, while you are in Canada, be sure to check out all of its symbols.

Like Australia, Canada is the land of immigrants. People speak 180 different languages in Toronto alone. So, if you stand on the street, you will definitely hear your own language. Just for you to understand how loyal this country is to immigrants, we need to tell that Canada’s Minister of Defense is Harji Sadjan, an ethic Sidh. Resultantly, religious structure is really diverse. There is an English church, Macedono-Bulgarian church, Buddhist temples, Synagogues.

So, if you want to feel that diversity, there are two districts you need to visit. The first one is Kensington Market. It is a big street market that is based in an old immigrant quarter. Today, it is a colorful and really photogenic place with bright graffiti, omnifarious souvenir shops, and the cutest houses ever. The second one is Distillery District which is based around whiskey manufacturing groups.

And to make you fall in love with Canada, go to Alberts, it is home to the most popular national parks not only in Canada but in the whole world (“Banff” and “Jasper”). They are gifted with absolutely everything: mountains, lakes, glaciers, unreal wildlife. In short, it is a real natural amphitheater. You know, we all have places to escape to and regenerate ourselves. For some it is a cottage, for others it is Fiji. Canada is everything a student needs for a good reboot.

Croatia, Dubrovnik


This city makes it easy to experience the beauty of the Adriatic on a budget. The city’s popularity among tourists has been growing steadily for years bolstered by cheap accommodations and the presence of a certain HBO fantasy show.

It is the Pearl of the Adriatic, the city which will capture your gaze. Between its white limestone buildings, bright terracotta rooftops, and cobalt water, it is understandable if you end up having a camera glued to your hand.

So, kick off your morning with a nice stroll along the Old Port, which is where you will meet the most agile cats in the world. Continue exploring the Old Town on foot. Make a stop at Dubrovnik Cathedral, which has seen a few expansions and reconstructions over the years, and at one point was even funded by Richard the Lion Heart. Another attraction will unexpectedly catch up your attention: the Old Pharmacy at the Franciscan Monastery. After wonderful seafood pizza for 15$ at Mea Culpa, it is time for the main attractions – 2 km walking around Dubrovnik’s Old City Walls and Gradac Park (yeah, Purple Wedding, you know what we mean).

Wrap up your day and wait for the sunset at “Buza Bar” to get the postcard-perfect picture of your trip.

Izmir, Turkey: Everything a Student Can Ask For


Of course, if you live in the state of Ohio, it is quite expensive to get to Izmir on summer holidays (this is what you have Canada for). But if you are a student from Europe, this destination will break your heart. Turkish province of Izmir is the concentration of everything that you will enjoy on summer vacations. There is endless sea, fantastic nature, delicious food, and ancient history. 100$ is 585 lire here, and you are a king. King Lear.

While you are on a trip in Turkey, the first thing you want to do in order to “taste” the city is to try famous Turkish ice-cream called “dondurma” and meet “dondurma men”. They were seen by everyone who has been to Turkey. However, only a few people know what their secret is. It is all about the ingredients. Dondurma is not quite a traditional ice-cream. It is made of fat goat milk, orchid tubers flour and mastic tree resin, which makes the consistency thick and viscous. That is why this ice-cream does not melt and is easily held on a metal stick mixer.

Where to go and what to see? Hop up the bus and visit “Cesme”. It may sound like you got drunk; but actually, it is where one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey is located. They call it “the Turkish Maldives.” You may have seen quite a lot of unusual beaches – white and red, rocky and sandy. But in the vicinity of Izmir, there is a truly amazing place – Salda Lake. It is the deepest and cleanest lake in Turkey. The water of this fresh lake is considered to be one of the cleanest in the world, and its sand contains elements that are presented only on Mars! So, if we were asked what the calm looks like, we would say “Salda Lake”.

Not far from the lake, there is another legendary place that the locals call “the New Wonder of the World” – the springs of Pamukkale. It is a snow-white mountain with turquoise pools in the midst of green hills. This place reminded the locals of a mountain of cotton, for which they called it “Pamukkale”, which means “Cotton castle”. The water of this spring also has a healing power – it soothes the nervous system, helps to cope with diseases of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, as well as improves skin condition. All a student can ask for.

To tell the truth, Izmir is like a good old friend. It will welcome you, feed you well, and will never let you get bored.

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