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Aug 15, 2019 10:07 AM ET

Top 74 romantic good morning messages for her and him

iCrowd Newswire - Aug 15, 2019

Good morning messages from someone we love always tend to brighten up our day. We also tend to have a more productive day as we know someone somewhere is thinking good thoughts about us. Well, how often do you surprise your woman with a cool, romantic good morning message? This should be a daily routine as women love being noticed and appreciated.


Good morning messages often have an impact in making people feel mushy and warm. It also brings a sense of happiness and being accepted for who we are. We will discuss about good morning messages for her in this article.

Good morning messages Come downstairs. I have something in store for you

This message is a very romantic one as you may have prepared her breakfast or just gotten her a pleasant gift just to appreciate her. it is one of the nice good morning messages to my wife

This message is a romantic message for her since she will wake up and see a written note which is attached to her breakfast or gift.

This is a sweet message for her to make her smile. It is an appropriate good morning sms for her.

This is an appropriate message for your wife as a husband especially if she is away from you and you feel lonely.

This is the type of message that you send her if you have a crush on her and you are probably trying to impress her so that you can take her out on a date. This will surely win her heart and might just add you onto her list of people she can consider going out with. It is also relevant to husbands as they can send their wives this text just so that they catch the vibe that they are still important in their lives more than anything else. Its the best good morning message to a lover.

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