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Jul 17, 2019 10:39 AM ET

Benchmark One, Inc. was founded in 1995 and has established a presence in the education and corporate training markets.

Benchmark One, Inc. was founded in 1995 and has established a presence in the education and corporate training markets.

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Benchmark One, Inc. was founded in 1995 and has established a presence in the education and corporate training markets. For example, from 2000-2005, the company managed a $500,000 annual contract to provide staff development services and management for the Archdiocese of New Orleans Catholic Schools (108 schools with more than 50,000 students). Since 1997, the company has provided staff development services and program management for the Colorado Department of Education, US Department of Education, the Midwest Regional Education Lab (McREL), the Education Commission of the States (ECS) and a wide range of school districts and regional education centers in Colorado and the surrounding states.
The company has also sold, implemented, and supported professional development management and tracking systems in school districts in Colorado and Louisiana. Supporting these server-based and locally hosted software products over the past four years has permitted the company to gain extensive, in- depth knowledge of these products and their application for school districts and corporate training departments.
Rarely does a situation occur where a proven product and an emerging market converge. This is the case with PD Master Suite™. Government programs such as No Child Left Behind and Highly Qualified Teachers in Every Classroom have created the need for educational institutions to more effectively evaluate and manage development of their employees. Detailed and accurate reporting requirements have become the standard. Most of these oversight and reporting requirements have been instituted in the past 4-5 years.

Products / Services

PD Master

PD Master Suite™ is everything needed in an enterprise system to create, deliver, and manage Professional Development.
Manage all professional development needs through one online system, accessible through the Internet, an extranet, or an intranet. Regardless of the kind of professional development provided, it can be administered and delivered online. 
With PD Master Suite™, an organization has the tools needed to manage an organization’s professional development plans, instructor-led training (workshops and seminars), registration, management, and tracking online.

Consulting Services

Benchmark has an extensive cadre of Teachers, Administrators and Performance Development and Program Management professionals: The company provides a cadre of personnel that are experienced in providing professional development for others in all areas of organizational improvement and leadership practices. The cadre is composed of highly qualified professionals who model best practice, train, and coach those wishing to enhance their effectiveness as teachers and administrators.



President Business Development
Kelly Cobean

Kelly CobeanMr. Cobean received a B.S. in Business in 1970. He was employed by Van Schaack and Company as a market representative from 1970 to 1972. In 1973 he developed the company wide training program. In 1974 Mr. Cobean was employed by First American Title Insurance Company to develop the merger planning and operational transfer of its Colorado operations to Security Title Insurance. In 1977 Mr. Cobean became Vice President of Operations for VanRelco, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Van Schaack and Company. In that capacity he was responsible for the development and coordination of contracts with national corporations. In November of 1980, he co founded American Training Forum, Inc. and served as President and Director of this privately held company. Mr. Cobean developed a video production facility which produced the videotape based training program, Discipline With Love and Logic, A Guide for Teachers. In January 1983, he co founded American Training Center, Inc. to develop, produc

Vice President Research & Development
Helen Ryley 

Helen RyleyAuthor, educator, and national consultant, Helen Ryley has worked to improve organizational and teacher performance for over 25 years. She has worked with teams of national consultants to study and refine best practices in areas of professional development, organizational and leadership development. Helen has written a number of publications including: Building Championship Schools: A Blueprint for Organizational Change (1991) and the Policymakers Seminar Kit for Education Commission of the States (1998). Helen designed and directed the “Leadership Institute for Educators” (1997-98) providing professional development for over 200 Colorado K-12 administrators. She led the development of the Guidelines for the Professional Development of Educators in Colorado in 1997-98. Helen was president of the Colorado Staff Development Council in 2001. From 2000-2005, Helen worked with the Archdiocese of New Orleans, Office of Catholic Schools designing and delivering their professional developmen

Chief Information Technology
Shaleen Shah 

Shaleen  ShahShaleen possesses proven IT leadership competencies across a wide range of key areas including application / software development, IT infrastructure, Vendor management, IT governance, Team and subcontractor leadership, Procurement and logistics and Client and team training.

He is highly experienced in evaluating current IT infrastructure and putting into place robust and cost effective best practice systems. He ahs demonstrated skills at leading and motivating technical teams across multi-national environments. His has solid background in staff training, supervision and mentoring, proven time management skills, a high attention to detail and experienced in managing numerous projects simultaneously. 

Shaleen is proactive, resilient and insightful business leader, with a ‘can do’ attitude to all projects he undertakes. His excellent communication and interpersonal skills facilitate trusted relationships with customers, business partners and stakeholders. He has strong multi-cultural sk

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Kelly Cobean

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