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Jul 17, 2019 10:33 AM ET

At CloudBridge, we help mid-market companies build out their cloud data strategy.

At CloudBridge, we help mid-market companies build out their cloud data strategy.

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 17, 2019

At CloudBridge, we help mid-market companies build out their cloud data strategy. Often they need to fast track the definition, implementation, and evolution of their cloud-computing infrastructure along with a scalable data-driven architecture.

It’s our conviction, that today our clients are required to connect marketing to financial results. These results have to be achieved while simultaneously addressing the explosion in ad and marketing technology platforms, marketing channels, and digital innovations, all of which create a huge burden on data management. This means for our clients to successfully compete they must meet this demand for data and insights in new ways. 

Requiring a data management strategy and data science practice that can leverage tremendous scale, technology, software, human capital, real time data and information to service their clients at the highest levels. 

At CloudBridge, we help digital & media agencies and mid-market companies build out their cloud data strategy. In speaking with Marketers, we often find when they are considering deploying cloud computing combined with complicated data integrations and even a small scale data science practice – that sometimes the larger management-consulting firms can feel like David vs. Goliath. Because of the cost and capacity constraints on small to medium-sized businesses, it can be very hard to justify just getting started.

Our value is in helping these senior leaders sort through the complexity of developing a cloud data strategy. Our proven strengths in security, reliability, compliance, integration and data science implementation – give us deep insights into the risks associated with deployment, all at a great value. 

Implemented and managed properly, this improved data management and science capability allows our clients to accelerate the velocity in achieving their goals while simultaneously helping them to maximize the efficiency of their existing resources, positioning them for profitable and sustainable growth.

Products / Services

CloudBridge for Agencies

A powerful start-up program to make faster, broader data driven decision. 

Shifting the way an organization captures and analyzes data is challenging. You are tight on time, budget, resources and have a lot more on your plate to worry about then all of your raw data. 

CloudBridge and Microsoft help organizations by doing the infrastructural heavy lifting so your team can focus on the work that drives your clients forward. CloudBridge for Agencies provides all the tools, education and support you need to create a data driven organization today.

CloudBridge for Agencies is a quick start program that gives a select group of agencies access to infrastructure, tools and a world-class team of data scientist. For qualified agencies, CloudBridge along with Microsoft offers a 6-month boost to fuel critical insights and decisions to help your clients reach their financial goals. Apply today.

CloudBridge, helping companies build a data driven world.



President Operating Officer
John Zell 

John ZellExperienced in: Business Consulting, Product Management, Technology Roadmaps, Capital Planning, Business Development, P&L, Strategic & Business Planning, M&A Integrations and Financial & Business Case Analysis. EVP Global Solutions Publicis Groupe responsible for developing the overall enterprise data strategy, maintaining and expanding the partner relationships with Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and Amazon, formulating an alliance strategy that led to double-digit growth. Explicitly in data management platforms, media & programmatic, data ingestion,/harmonization/optimization, analytics and machine learning. As a COO, SVP responsible for leading, managing and growing multi-location businesses with revenues of $125/M+ with strong profitability performance. Participation with board and senior leadership team on the company’s strategic direction, planning, operational execution and acquisition strategy, reporting directly to the board (Private Equity).

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