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Jul 12, 2019 9:40 AM ET

Website Monitoring Lizard is a SaaS service that monitors and analyzes email

Website Monitoring Lizard is a SaaS service that monitors and analyzes email

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 12, 2019

Briefly, Website Monitoring Lizard is a SaaS service that monitors and analyzes email, web and social networks against best practices as defined by top experts of the day like Niel Patel. The setup is less than 2 minutes, the suggestions start coming in after an hour and all for pennies on the dollar compared to hiring the consultants who develop these best practices. Its easier than starting a Blog.

We built Website Monitoring Lizard to give non technical people the information they need to do what’s best for their business and the technical people the information they need to effectively execute. All for the benefit if maximizing their revenue potential using online / technical assets and effectively mobilizing the needed team members to get the job done.

We did a random sampling of our DB of 275K companies and found that our product can make useful suggestions to 99% of them. That along with our highly automated sales process will drive our cost per acquisition to $0 and even turn our viral model into a new revenue source.

Our viral growth model focuses on helping technical service organizations provide greater value to their customers with maintenance contracts. Our product provides a freemium model for developers to use our reports to create a revenue analysis of their customer sites with a branded sales report and tie it into professional content and nurturing techniques to help them close a contract with their customer based on real business need.

Products / Services


The small business package is designed for websites that have just launched or websites that are a single product such as an e-book, set of DVDs, or a short online course. While the number of visitors may vary per month, the number of products remain fairly constant and low.


The e-commerce package is a collection of reporting and tests that are beneficial to running an online store. This is for websites with products constantly changing or changing with seasons. The tests in this package will ensure online customer satisfaction and confidence.


The corporate package not only looks at your online customers experience for optimal performance, it goes further into customer satisfaction by conducting email and form validation tests. This keeps customer satisfaction at a high level.


The enterprise package is for large online e-commerce sites or company websites where the interaction with customers is of extreme importance on a number of levels. This package offers the most comprehension reporting and testing to ensure your customers or clients receive a high quality experience.

Developer Freemium

The developer freemium model allows a developer to go through our certification process – get certified as an online revenue expert which gives them a free account and access to a marketing automation technology / materials to convert their clients into maintenance clients using our service to manage their online assets.



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