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Jul 12, 2019 6:05 AM ET

Walque is a patent-pending hybrid app delivering an activities-based wellness solution for employers

Walque is a patent-pending hybrid app delivering an activities-based wellness solution for employers

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 12, 2019

Walque is a patent-pending hybrid app delivering an activities-based wellness solution for employers, and a targeted direct-marketing application for retailers/CPGs. As an always-on-app, employees use Walque to count their daily steps via their smartphone and receive points/step. To incent more frequent use Walquers can walk steps in “areas of commerce”, where they receive bonus points and rewards for a variety of activities beneficial to retailers/CPGs. These “areas” include in-store, city shopping districts, malls, outlets, big-box, etc., which have been or will be geo-fenced. Substantial research shows simply walking has significant health benefits. As a wellness solution, gaming techniques are utilized to foster rapid adoption with use metrics reported back to the wellness provider (or employer) to show an increase in activity level. The overall rewards are monetized by the employer via incentives and discounts on employee portions of healthcare cost (as much as 25% of their portion of the cost) or additions to employee spending accounts. With its deliberate and consistent use in/near areas of commerce, marketing campaigns can be conducted with the certainty the app user is active – backed by relevant user data. This is a significant competitive advantage over other voluntary use shopping apps which function similar to traditional coupon inserts and have little initial info on users. Now retailers know when a “customer” is in-store, or a local retailer knows when a customer is walking distance to their store and a CPG knows when a customer is on their aisle. Walque believes this unique combination of seemingly unrelated industries will drive profitability for both industries with more products being sold at retail and less sedentary employees becoming more active. Walque receives fees for delivering quantifiable wellness data to employers, fees for delivering quantifiable customers to retailers/CPGs and potentially revenue for geo-fencing retail locations.

Products / Services

ShopKick and FitBit in one adoptable solution

A solution for employers seeking activities-based wellness programs which are adoptable and simple to understand by encouraging more walking, but within an area of commerce. A solution for targeted, direct marketing within an area of commerce where the app user is known to have an active application and user data is more descript than traditional voluntary use shopping apps. A solution for geo-fencing more areas. A solution for retail employee tracking and customer heat mapping.



Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Sander

multiple exit strategies with ROIs as high as 600% in both technology and consumer products with more than 20 years of experience in start-up environments as the entrepreneur or as a hired executive leading the development of a new division or product.

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Jay Stevens

Jay has 20 plus years of problem identification and solutions working for a variety of consumer and technology companies including SAS, Prudential, CDC and multiple merchant service companies. His strategies have assisted in creating millions of dollars in value and helped on several exit strategies

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