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Apr 27, 2017 9:00 AM ET

Environmentally friendly zero-waste, Waste-to-energy production and storage company that meets the growing demand for "Green" and alternative products.

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Eco-Waste Power Inc

Mesa, AZ 85210, US
Alternative & Renewable Energy

Environmentally friendly zero-waste, Waste-to-energy production and storage company that meets the growing demand for “Green” and alternative products.

Eco-friendly alternative independent power producer that builds and operates waste-to-energy (Wte) facilities that convert municipal solid waste into alternative fuels without incineration to power future demands for Green Energy, while reducing the environmental impacts from solid waste landfill disposal.

EWP’s Wte plants are the first commercially flexible (vary the amount of electricity + hydrogen produced) plants in the U.S. that rely on advance gasification technologies to convert waste streams into marketable products. It is a non-fracking source for hydrogen, and is the only green solution that reduces landfill waste 100% because it doesn’t rely upon incineration.

Municipalities have two major problems today: (1) landfill waste, and (2) energy mandates requiring more and more green electricity.

Only a third of all landfill waste is recycled, leading to an ever increasing pile of waste that cities have to deal with (i.e. the local dump).

Utility regulations get more and more eco-friendly each year, requiring cities and utility companies managing electric grids to do unnatural things. In order to get away from coal-generated electricity, utilities import high cost, inconsistent wind and solar power from far away, reducing any benefits.

EWP’s solution solves both of these problems: Wte facilities that turn landfill waste into eco-friendly electricity and hydrogen. The plants result in zero waste sent to landfill, and meet all green mandates and regulations for electricity generation. If only 15% of municipal solid waste went to Wte plants then NY, CA, IN, NJ, and MI could stop importing energy generated from coal.


Products / Services

Waste Disposal / Electricity / Alternative Fuels

Business Model

There are 3 revenue streams: (1) tipping fees and carbon credits, (2) electricity production, and (3) hydrogen production. Each contributes about 1/3rd of total revenue once the plant is in a steady state.



Chief Executive Officer
Chaise Vidal

Veteran – Engineer with an MBA for Utility Energy Management & Sustainability with over 20 years of generation and energy market experience. A strong team minded leader with a passion for innovation.

Chief Technology Officer
Carlos Vidal

A progressive innovator, leader and technology enthusiast with a BS in Business Management. Over 15 years experience building businesses with his entrepreneur leadership.


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Chaise Vidal - Chief Executive Officer

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