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Jun 17, 2019 9:35 AM ET

Wartime Haikus: A zine of haikus written in Afghanistan

Wartime Haikus: A zine of haikus written in Afghanistan

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019


That's me in the middle!
That’s me in the middle!

This one time in Afghanistan . . .

While working in Afghanistan in 2012-2013 as a contractor, I did a blog called A Geek in Afghanistan. 

I’d update people on how I was doing and what I was learning for that year. 

I started writing haikus for fun and unlike the serene haiku themes: wind, lakes, and stars, etc, I wrote about war. 

I hold your letter//like a young boy holds the hand//of one who loves him.

And people loved them. 

So I decided to put my year in Afghanistan to good use. If people would donate to a charity of my choosing, I would send them a haiku on an Afghanistan postcard. 

Writing poetry from my barracks in Bagram, Afghanistan.
Writing poetry from my barracks in Bagram, Afghanistan.

And I thought a couple of people would be interested. 

I wound up writing about 170 haikus. 

So I’ve chosen my favorites. 

And I want to put them back into the world. You’ll receive a zine of my favorite haikus from Afghanistan. Haikus about war and loneliness. 

And I’d like to share them with you. A simple zine of around 30 haikus. 

I want to put them in your hands because this poetry was born out out of a tough year. A year of war and distance, longing and long nights of the soul. 

So what will I get? 

At the minimum, a PDF of my Wartime Haikus—about 30 haikus that explain the tough and lonely time that war brings. 

I’ll also be producing the hard copy, the physical copy of the zine, designed by myself and friend Brady. 

If you support it at a high enough level, I’ll send you a haiku written for you (no take backs!) 

You’ll also get a chance to see poetry written a place that few dare to go along with my thanks and appreciation. 

Risks and challenges

I want to produce a great zine, but not get bogged down with it being “perfect.” I’m going to get it into your hands.

Also, writing some quality and beautiful haikus for people will be the most thrilling part of this.

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Ryan McRae

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