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Jun 17, 2019 5:55 PM ET

Tanya's Maids Ltd. is a rapid growth house cleaning company located outside of Vancouver, BC

Tanya's Maids Ltd. is a rapid growth house cleaning company located outside of Vancouver, BC

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 17, 2019

Tanya’s Maids is a rapid growth house cleaning company located outside of Vancouver, BC. We have achieved an almost 0% complaint level, giving our amazing customers amazing home cleans without any deviation in quality. We are currently small with only 4 full-time maids, but we have the potential to grow rapidly with more funding.

The company is built using the most advanced technologies:
– Social media advertising that achieves very large lead-flow
– Turnkey routing and scheduling through use of cloud-based scheduling system.
– Highly responsive customer service that uses cloud-based system that integrates with all media channels including email, chat, telephone, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.
– All back-office serviced by a very reliable outsourced contact center.

Every aspect of the business is designed for scale and ease of growth. It is also positioned to disrupt the entire way current maid companies provide options to their customers. It is one of the reasons why the company is named the way it is.

I’ve built this company over the last year hoping to get it to this point where I am ready to take on equity investment. The only functionality we currently lack is online booking and automated routing and scheduling, but this is an aspect that I plan to implement after I take on equity investment.

It is mostly built on the employee service model, but for growth purposes moving toward the independent contractor model will result in faster growth. That said, my concern is deviation in service quality resulting in more customer service complaints and less repeat business. To develop this model, we require a unique training program.

We are currently running around an 18% profit margin. With scale there will be some greater efficiencies that take hold and I expect it to sustainably rise over 20%. The independent contractor model seems to offer around a 30% margin, but again, service quality deviates.

Products / Services

House Cleaning

Professional house cleaning using the most advanced speed cleaning techniques to achieve a “hotel-style” clean within a short period of time. This allows our clients to have an amazing clean for a more affordable overall price.



President Executive Officer
Travis Steward 

Travis StewardFormer stockbroker who wants to build amazing, turn-key businesses and feel proud of the value they create for employees, customers, and investors.

Every business I build is designed to be fully automated and use the most modern technologies.

My skills include: Classic sales (I was trained by one of the best sales coaches in Canada as a stockbroker), online marketing & advertising (Ad Words, Facebook Ads, social media), technology (I can learn and implement any technology very quickly), and web design and development. I also have a very strong network of skilled technology professionals who can help me implement anything I can dream up.

My other companies: www.smartfitgym.com, www.autohirenow.com, www.innovativebusiness.ca.

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Travis Steward

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