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Jun 14, 2019 9:55 AM ET

DIY will be located in the Salem area as to maximize accessibility fir the public.

DIY will be located in the Salem area as to maximize accessibility fir the public.

iCrowd Newswire - Jun 14, 2019

DIY will be located in the Salem area as to maximize accessibility fir the public. This location will be our office as well as our garage We will need a 5000 Sq ft shop so as we grow we can expand our shop.Each bay will need a space for parts, vehicle tools, as well as any needed furnishings. We utilize an on line web system to schedule bookings in advance as well as to provide information about us and what we provide. We will provide a work space as by means of a bay which is rented by the hour, daily ,weekly, monthly, etc.Our location will be close to parts stores and very convenient for all consumers. This unique idea is to provide a potentially profit market for the consumers that would like to save money on their auto repairs.
You can do your own repairs for around 50 to 70% less than a shop mechanic rate. The problem lies that mechanics charge high shop rates, so that the public cant afford to have them repair their cars. DIY Auto Repair will provide the public with the knowledge, tools,and required data to repair their own cars at an affordable rate by saving that 60%. 

Our mission is to provide the community with the knowledge, tools, and data base to repair their own vehicles at a affordable rate. WE build relationships with part stores and wrecking companies that will also support your needs at low costs. We focus on customer service .

Our Vision is to provide parts at discounts through all parts stores in the area as well as to services for discounted prices. As time goes on and the business proves itself to be a success as we know it well we would bring in the DYNO for full automotive system testing. We would also like to expand and make a parts store in our facility and open other DIY Auto Shops in other areas in Oregon. WIth the help from you we can start making those projections happen.

Products / Services

DIY Auto Repair Shop

The problem here is auto shop rates are to highly priced people cant afford to have their automobiles repaired so we provide a DIY facility that’s affordable for our consumers to do their own repairs at low costs and save them 50 to 70%.

DIY Auto Repair Shop

DIY provides the opportunity for consumers to gain experience working on their own cars. We at DIY Garage will provide the place to work, all the tools, and data base of knowledge with step by step instructions to do the work they desire .All you need is to want to learn , gain knowledge, and become independent.
On site technicians will provide service to customers they will look over their work and help where they can. We will have weekly seminar classes to help teach and show people how to do their repairs.




Managing/Manager Manager
Mike and Julie Grigsby

My name is Julie Grigsby. I am presently in college Seeking a General AAS Business Degree .I am in my sophomore year in college.I am a entrepreneur seeking to start my own business. I am 54 years old and married to a veteran for 16 years. We have had this idea for a while now. I feel it is unique and there is not one in Oregon as of yet . This is a money making deal for an investor . I would be willing to give 30% of company to the right investor to help us start this business and working capital.We decided we liked the Auto hobby shops in the marine corp that we wanted to open a new revised version of one and would call it a DIY Auto Repair shop.

Group Leader/Lead Operating Officer
David and Deanna Corderio

David and Deanna are partners in this business. This business is a LLC . This is a Family adventure for us. Deanna is my daughter and David is my son-in-law just out of Iraq, he is a disabled veteran .We really would like to start this company this year.


This management team will work great together and this is a successful business to make millions.
We would like to add a investor to our team to help us with funding and working capital as well.

Contact Information:

Mike and Julie Grigsby

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