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Apr 19, 2019 9:41 AM ET

Winter Has Come

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 19, 2019

The countdown is over. The much-awaited final season of Game of Thrones was aired last Monday, April 14. Fans had to wait for two years and was not disappointed by how exciting and full packed the first episode was. We are still left expecting more and more until the show comes to a end.


As the series is based on the renowned book series, A Song of Ice and Fire, the author actually said that if it will be based entirely on what he wrote, the show will run for 13 seasons. George R.R. Martin has written 6 books even before the show, with novellas and prequels written in between. We are still waiting for the last two books to conclude the book series.


Brought to life by HBO, the critically acclaimed and immensely followed show is coming to an end despite GRRM’s not publishing the final books. It’s safe to assume that even the books followers are anticipating on what season 8 has to give.


Whether you be a fan or part of the 1% of the population who has not seen the show, words like Winter is Coming or Valar Morghulis or Dracarys or even the infamous, “You know nothing, Jon Snow” has reached you at some point. Characters like The Imp, Daenerys, Arya, Sansa is very popular even to non-fans. Never to mention the fandom of the dragons and the direwolves. If you are part of the 1%, you can rummage the internet for articles that will help you keep up with the show or you can spend the next 67 days watching an episode a day.


The fight over the realm and the 7 kingdoms is worth the watch. The development of each character is so beautiful you will want not just to watch but also read about them.


The books and the show do not exactly mirror each other. The show has swerved more than one time and does not really follow the books to a tee. With GRRM’s blessing we have been blessed with the show and probably takes off some of the steam that he might be getting for not publishing the books first.


Who would not want to see people fighting over a throne, as if watching current politics but with more meat and fantasy mixed in? With dragons and direwolves and their version of reanimated corpses called wights and people who turn them called wight walkers. A lady who walked out of fire unscathed with 3 hatched dragons, centuries after they have been extinct. All these, jampacked in six books and eight show seasons. Whether you decide to read or watch, or even do both, do not forget to hold on to your seats, Game of Thrones is going to take you for a bumpy, exciting, hold your breath, kind of ride. The kind that could exhaust you with all these feelings, but you will want to go back and ride again. To those who rode for the last 7 seasons, season 8 might be the last but the love for the show is eternal.

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