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Apr 6, 2019 9:58 AM ET

VR and the future of video games

iCrowd Newswire - Apr 6, 2019

The VR industry is growing at a fast pace and different companies are introducing their own standalone VR sets to get into this emerging market. The headsets like Oculus and HTC VIVE have brought new people to the market that were previously not available. There were three compotators for VR gaming in the year 2019 HTC with their VIVE headsets and Oculus with their Rift headsets dominated the PC gaming market while Sony with their PlayStation VR sold more units. In the year 2019 more manufacturers are expected to emerge in the VR gaming Industry as proven by Samsung Odyssey. PlayStation will also release a new generation of VR headset with the release of PlayStation 5. The release of such a device will only heat up the competition and other manufacturers will also introduce more advanced versions of their VR headsets. The future of VR is bright and the industry is expected to grow quite fast in the near future so many people would try to get into the industry to become the pioneers of tomorrow. 

VR gaming in the year 2019

VR gaming industry in the year 2019 will see the improvement of already established headsets such as Oculus and Vive. Microsoft has already legging in the competition of VR and they are depending on the third party developers for the support of their gaming platform. Though their plans are far from over and they are working with VR developers for the support in gaming. The processing and graphical power of VR sets at the present time are pretty low so they need computing power as a backup. The gaming VR sets cannot work without a powerful computer because the processors used in such system are mobile processors.

Near future of VR gaming

In the year 2019 or 2020, we will see the release of PSVR 2 and Oculus Rift 2 however the release of both these manufacturers is tied to the release of a new generation of consoles. The next generation of Sony PlayStation VR will surely depend on the releases of PlayStation 5. At present time PlayStation is leading the market of VR headsets but the tide could now turn due to the increased use of cloud computing. The VR of present time depends on other powerful hardware to work at their full potential because they lack the computing power required to play the games. The rise of Google stadia and other cloud gaming platform might be serving as a wind of change for the gaming industry. Cloud computing can allow the VR headsets to play games even with their embedded processors because it depends on the internet speed rather than computing power.

The future of VR gaming

The current VR sets require buttons for proper function and major manufacturers are trying hard to remove the requirement of the button in VR gaming. The minimization of buttons in VR is the key to the future of VR gaming. Whatever technology emerges the future of gaming might depend on the VR headsets so the VR manufacturers of today will set the path for the future of VR gaming.

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