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Oct 11, 2018 7:50 AM ET

Jelurida Redefines Blockchain-as-a-Service and Introduces Revolutionary Transaction Vouchers, Eliminating Wire Fraud in Ardor 2.1.2

Jelurida Redefines Blockchain-as-a-Service and Introduces Revolutionary Transaction Vouchers, Eliminating Wire Fraud in Ardor 2.1.2

iCrowd Newswire - Oct 11, 2018

Less than 24 hours after Jelurida announced the launch of their revolutionary Transaction Vouchers on the Ardor 2.1.2 mainnet (full statement), Jelurida made it clear not all blockchain-as-a-service offerings are created equal. A new article and series of infographics (available here) detail how the Ardor platform’s end-to-end services stand out against those of IBM Hyperledger, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

The Ardor platform’s pioneering parent and child chain design allows businesses to quickly and cost-effectively launch their own permissioned “child chains” with dozens of built-in features secured by the Ardor main (“parent”) chain. Ignis, the first child chain, serves as a functioning example of the platform’s business-ready features. By allowing businesses to simply plug their child chain into the Ardor parent chain and leverage the security of its existing decentralized network of nodes, Jelurida has eliminated a key barrier to entry for businesses looking to integrate their offerings with the blockchain.

“We are thrilled transaction security has been a focal point of the team at Jelurida,” says Martynas Bacevicius, CEO and Founder of Ardorgate’s AEUR euro pegged child chain. “The AEUR team is looking in to how Transaction Vouchers could be used to optimize security for our users as they move euros between our banking partner and Ardor’s business-friendly ecosystem.”

Ardor 2.1.2 Eliminates Age-Old Issue of Wire Fraud 

Transaction Vouchers on the Ardor 2.1.2 mainnet provide an unparalleled level of security for financial transactions by utilizing a foolproof dual-signature process. Transaction Vouchers are exclusive to the Ardor platform and they eliminate one of the oldest problems in financial history: mistakenly sending funds to the wrong wire address. These small errors in wire transfers lead to incalculable losses and hundreds of ill-fated claims in small courts each year. As explained in the Blockchain Ardor tutorial series (available here), accounts on the Ardor platform have their own unique passphrase for signing transactions. Transaction Vouchers are simple QR codes and JSON data files requiring both sender and receiver to sign the shared Transaction Voucher before it is submitted to the blockchain. This simple and elegant design means a mistake in either of the account addresses will result in a failed passphrase signoff. Transaction Vouchers provide unprecedented transaction security for the transfer of digital assets, shares, dividends, marketplace goods, and monetary supplies by eliminating the potential for sending funds to the wrong account address.

About Jelurida 

Jelurida is a blockchain software company that enables customers to cooperate, promote unique value propositions, and create new business tackling real market opportunities. Jelurida offers the proof of stake consensus and parent/child solutions built on top of five years of software development, IT experience and technological leadership.

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