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Sep 14, 2018 6:30 AM ET

Priatek to Be Featured at Token Fest in Boston

iCrowd Newswire - Sep 14, 2018

Florida-based advertising tech company Priatek, LLC will be a featured company at the upcoming Token Fest conference in BostonSeptember 13-14. During the event, Priatek will announce their blockchain and cryptocurrency integration plan.

As part of the opening keynote for Token Fest, CNBC contributor and Priatek Advisory Board member Jon Najarian will preview Priatek’s blockchain project plans, and why he believes projects like Priatek’s are the future for mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Additionally, Najarian will host an open discussion with Priatek President, Milind Bharvirkar, on the waterfront stage at 2:20 p.m. on September 13th.

Representatives from many Fortune 500 companies attend Token Fest to identify opportunities for integrating blockchain into their business practices. 

“This year’s Token Fest is focused on projects that integrate blockchain in everyday lives, and that’s why we are so excited to have Priatek as one of our featured companies,” said Ryan Colby, Founder and CEO of Token Fest. “The buzz that Priatek is creating will be a great addition to Token Fest.”

Priatek has quietly raised over $16 million in angel investments. Thanks to the company’s prize promotions platform, in2win®, Priatek is providing an avenue for mass adoption and distribution of cryptocurrency that is unique and unmatched in the industry today.

“The power of our opportunity is in our ability to combine real world adoption with a platform that reaches the masses, and will distribute cryptocurrency to millions of new users who never previously had access to cryptocurrency before they engaged with in2win®,” said Bharvirkar.

Priatek is launching their in2win® platform in the New York City area in October, and the integration of their blockchain project will follow thereafter. During Token Fest, Priatek will be providing attendees a sneak peak of the in2win® gamification platform, and the blockchain integration plans, at exhibitor booth number 325, which is located directly across from the Token Hive area at the conference.

About Priatek, LLC

Priatek® designs, manufactures and operates a network of patented Prize-Based Digital Promotions® kiosks under its in2win® brand. in2win® prize promotions engage consumers in a unique and fun way. Consumers select a product, play to win the product, and receive an offer or in2win® coins. Consumers can use the offer or in2win® coins to purchase the product directly from local retail stores or online. in2win® has partnered with many of the top mall developers in the U.S. In addition to malls, Priatek will be expanding into hotels, airports, big-box retail stores, grocery stores, and sports arenas nationwide. Learn more at https://www.priatek.com/ and follow our story on social media @priatek.

Contact: Nick Piburn 720-587-9736 | [email protected]

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Contact: Nick Piburn 720-587-9736 | [email protected]

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