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Jul 12, 2018 7:00 PM ET

Sleep Apnea Devices Market 2018 | Driving Factors, Industry Analysis, Investment Feasibility And Trends, Outlook -2023

Sleep Apnea Devices  Market 2018 | Driving Factors, Industry Analysis, Investment Feasibility And Trends, Outlook -2023

iCrowd Newswire - Jul 12, 2018

The Sleep Apnea Devices Market was worth USD 3.67 billion in the year of 2014 and is expected to reach approximately USD 7.14 billion by 2023, while registering itself at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.68% during the forecast period. Prime factors crediting for the market development incorporate high unmet medical needs, rising prevalence of sleep & respiratory disorders, for example, Brazil, India, China, and others. Key hazard factors for the advancement of sleep apnea incorporate alcohol, life style habits, for example, alcohol, irregular sleep patterns, substance abuse and smoking. The danger of rest apnea is significantly higher in the age group over 50-60 years.

Industry Outlook and Trend Analysis:

In 2012 According to gauges distributed by the United Nations, the worldwide geriatric populace was almost 809.4 million and is anticipated to develop significantly in the upcoming years. Hence, an expansion in the aged populace, and the increment in the objective infections are relied upon to fundamentally support the utilization rates over the conjecture time frame. Besides, improvement of technologically propelled products, for example, WINX sleep-therapy system that enable patients to inhale normally through their nose without being confined by a cover is additionally anticipated that would fortify market development.

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Product Outlook and Trend Analysis

In 2015 Oral machines market was over USD 495 million and anticipated to encounter significant development in the upcoming years. Oral appliances are exceedingly prescribed for patients experiencing mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and for patients encountering uneasiness with CPAP therapy. Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) gadgets are anticipated to encounter lucrative growth because of expanding scaling down and accessibility of products that are customized with extra features. Oral masks and naso-oral masks are generally utilized amid nasal obstruction or congestion. In 2015 Oxygen gadgets was esteemed at USD 359.0 million and is anticipated to witness outstanding development amid the coming years. It is extremely useful in patients who suffer with central sleep apnea. Expanding utilization rates and minimal cost of actigraphy systems will build its requirement over coming years. These systems are utilized to screen the rest and wake designs or circadian rhythms of patients. Polysomnography (PSG) gadgets should reflect lucrative development because of the improvement of products that render high performance.

Regional Outlook and Trend Analysis

United States sleep apnea gadgets market size is foreseen to develop significantly. Existence of promising Medicare reimbursement policies and advent of versatile and conservative items is set lift industry development. Europe sleep apnea devices market measure is foreseen to encounter significant growth in terms of revenue. New controls for PAP gadgets, developing medicinal services consumption and presentation of advanced products are the portion of the components driving business development. In 2015 Germany sleep apnea devices market was over USD 450 million and estimate to develop at huge rate inferable from expanding sickness commonness and rising consciousness levels of patients. In 2015 Japan sleep apnea devices market size will add to more than 44 percent of local income. Existence of large number of patients, expanding dispensable earnings and high medicinal services use will fuel industry development.

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Sleep Apnea Devices Market – Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

Chapter1. Introduction
Chapter2. Executive Summary
Chapter3. Market Overview
Chapter4. Sleep Apnea Devices Market, By Product
Chapter5. Sleep Apnea Devices Market, By Region
Chapter6. Company Profiles

6.1. BMC Medical Co., Ltd.
6.1.1. Business Overview
6.1.2. Product Portfolio
6.1.3. Strategic Developments
6.1.4. Sleep Apnea Devices Sales, Revenue and Market Share
6.2. Braebon Medical Corporation
6.2.1. Business Overview
6.2.2. Product Portfolio
6.2.3. Strategic Developments
6.2.4. Sleep Apnea Devices Sales, Revenue and Market Share
6.3. Cadwell Laboratories Inc.
6.3.1. Business Overview
6.3.2. Product Portfolio
6.3.3. Strategic Developments
6.3.4. Sleep Apnea Devices Sales, Revenue and Market Share
6.4. CareFusion Corp.
6.4.1. Business Overview
6.4.2. Product Portfolio
6.4.3. Strategic Developments
6.4.4. Sleep Apnea Devices Sales, Revenue and Market Share
6.5. Compumedics Limited
6.5.1. Business Overview
6.5.2. Product Portfolio
6.5.3. Strategic Developments
6.5.4. Sleep Apnea Devices Sales, Revenue and Market Share

Chapter7. Global Sleep Apnea Devices Market Competition, by Manufacturer
7.1. Global Sleep Apnea Devices Sales and Market Share by Manufacturer (2016-2017)
7.2. Global Sleep Apnea Devices Revenue and Market Share by Manufacturer (2016-2017)
7.3. Top 5 Sleep Apnea Devices Manufacturer Market Share
7.4. Market Competition Trend

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