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Nov 22, 2016 8:22 AM ET

LaneAxis: Virtual Freight Management - Driving the Evolution of Trucking Logistics

LaneAxis: Virtual Freight Management - Driving the Evolution of Trucking Logistics

iCrowd Newswire - Nov 22, 2016


Virtual Freight Management – Driving the Evolution of Trucking Logistics


American truckers are responsible for transporting ¾ of all freight that moves from coast to coast and border to border.

Logistics solutions already exist right? For such a large and critical segment of the U.S. economy, it would be easy to assume a centralized, digitized system is in place allowing for easy tracking and management of cargo as it moves across the country.

Wrong. A huge market opportunity exists as no tool currently on the market allows shippers and receivers to actively track and manage cargo in real time. With 2 million truck loads shipped every day that largely still rely on archaic technologies such as fax machines, phone calls, and paper processes to initiate, manage and track shipments, a huge opportunity exists to bring this industry into the 21st century.

The current movement of cargo is extremely inefficient. 90% of freight movements in the U.S. are handled by smaller independent trucking companies with 6 or fewer trucks. Most of these small Carriers lack the technology to provide Shippers and Brokers true real-time visibility into their shipment status. Many of these small trucking companies also continue to rely on outdated and time-consuming faxing, phone calls, and emails to transact business, slowing the payment window for all parties involved. 

LaneAxis’s Solution. LaneAxis® has finally created a solution to solve this major pain point in the shipping and logistics industry. LaneAxis is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables all participants in the long-haul trucking ecosystem automation, transparency, and real-time data.

Our software is a desktop and mobile app that gives freight Shippers, Brokers, and 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) real-time tracking and data for every load, while automating many crucial tasks. The result: lower overhead, dramatically improved efficiency, and proactive problem-solving.

Whether you’re a Broker, 3PL, or Shipper, LaneAxis® is the most direct way to get real-time data on your load pickup and delivery, visibility the whole way through, as well as Carrier performance metrics that ensure you’re only working with the best.

Achieving TRUE visibility over your freight movements is no longer a wish list item – it’s a must. LaneAxis® goes well beyond basic GPS load tracking, and provides a truckload of tools for verifiable, actionable, real-time core data.

We have 40 pilots ready to go, including 6 pilots with large Shippers (including largest Multinational Retail Corporation and second largest Supermarket Chain in North America).


To understand the value that LaneAxis provides, look no further than these two case studies that illustrate what life was like before LaneAxis for both Shippers and receivers.

Use Case 1: JIT. Multi-Stop. One Big Headache.
A regional grocery chain boasting a large “All Organic Fruit” section wants to feature your organic watermelon at several of its stores. They’d like three batches delivered to three different distribution centers within several hundred miles of each other. And they need it done in two days. It’s a true Just In Time request with multiple stops involved. As Supply Manager for your watermelon farm, you have to make this happen.

Pre Lane Axis
You scramble to find a carrier who can pull off the tight turnaround at a reasonable rate. Even with the shipment finally in-transit, you stress over the multiple delivery points and tight time frames. Your buyer is calling you asking if the first drop-off delivery time is on schedule. Truth is, you don’t know. You tell the buyer to “sit tight” so you can call the trucking company. No answer there. So you sit tight yourself, wondering and waiting.

The LaneAxis Era

  • You log into LaneAxis and quickly find a qualified carrier in your preferred network to take the shipment.
  • You scan the interactive, real-time GPS map to track the driver location, and are instantly notified when pickup and delivery geofences are breached.
  • The LaneAxis LTR (Load to Ride) function allows for easy segmenting of single shipments and multiple dropoff points.

“So where’s my watermelon,” your buyer asks nervously.
“Your watermelons are 30 minutes out,” you explain calmly.
“They’ll be there by 3:20. Your second dropoff is ahead of schedule”

Use Case 2: Food Retailer: Labor Day Surge

It’s 7 am Friday, the start of Labor Day weekend, and family fun is on the backburner. As regional supply manager for 10 grocery stores, your Labor Day seafood promotion is generating both social media excitement and real-world supply problems. You’ve contracted 10 reefers (one per store) from 3 small carriers to haul full truckloads of fresh-frozen salmon, shrimp, halibut, swordfish, and tuna from warehouses and DCs to your individual stores. Every shipment is scheduled to be completed by noon Friday. You are up against time and temperature every load has specific temp requirements.

Pre LaneAxis
You receive verbal confirmation that six of the reefers have picked up their loads and are said to be on time. You cross your fingers. You have to call two separate dispatchers to find the status of the other four trucks. They’ll call and get back to you. You trust that all the loads will meet the temp requirements and are truly on time. You’ve received three Bills of Lading via fax, but nothing on the other seven. You receive a call that three more reefers have picked up their loads, but are running late. What about the tenth? That’s another call. You find out four shipments have reached their destinations, but two of the reefers don’t meet temp requirements. It’s gonna be a long day.

The LaneAxis Era

  • The LaneAxis app starts real-time GPS tracking two hours prior to pickup, so you can instantly see six of the reefers are on time, and you can track their progress on a map.
  • You’re soon notified when three other trucks enter their pickup geofences, and although running late, this allows you to adjust your delivery schedule accordingly.
  • The drivers of all nine reefers utilize the LaneAxis app to submit photos of signed Bills of Lading and reefer temperature confirmations.
  • What about the 10th missing truck? LaneAxis has already alerted the carrier, and another reefer has been dispatched for pickup.
  • All 10 shipments are on their way, tracked in real-time, with real-time data, on whatever device you choose.
  • 10 signed PODs soon hit your screen, all documentation is stored in a digital vault, and the seafood special is ready to hook your customers.

LaneAxis is bringing trucking into the 21st century.


LaneAxis is a one-stop digital ecosystem connecting shippers, carriers and receivers in the most efficient and transparent way possible: via internet and mobile software with GPS technology.

Our proprietary, patent-pending software gives you direct:

  • Access to qualified and pre-screened Carriers in your area
  • Manifest delivery – sent to a Driver’s mobile device
  • Real-time visibility over every single load — from up to 8 hours prior-to-pickup through final Proof of Delivery
  • True visibility into the often-obscure network of small and medium-sized Carriers
  • Unfiltered real-time data to help you manage your shipments and plan accordingly
  • Ability to build up your Carrier network while your capital costs slide

A Truckload of Services


Out of the 40 pilot engagements, 6 pilots are with large Shippers (including largest Multinational Retail Corporation and second largest Supermarket Chain in North America). Other current engagements include a major Midwest grocery chain (Meijer), a major supplier of automotive parts (Faurecia), and a leading provider of energy-related product manufacturing.

We are focused on getting smaller Brokers onboard as well. These Brokers typically have 20 loads per day or more, and allows for same day revenue (which grants us shorter sales cycles and shorter lead times).

We got to where we are today via strategic partnerships that helped us penetrate the market faster and at greater scale. Now we’re ready to ramp up our go-to-market strategy and push product development to the next level. A major goal of ours is to be able to onboard customers within an hour on the same day for smaller Shippers and Brokers!

You can help make this happen! After learning about our experienced trucking industry team below, make sure to request access to the business plan tab of this profile for an inside look into the LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management platform!


LaneAxis is founded, built, and run by veterans and passionate advocates of the trucking, transportation, and logistics industries.

Rick leads the strategic and visionary roadmap for LaneAxis. Rick saw the potential for LaneAxis around the turn of the 20th century. Having worked at all levels of trucking, his knowledge of freight logistics and belief in the power of internet and GPS technology set him on a path to build the ultimate freight logistics solution. That solution is LaneAxis Virtual Freight Management. Rick is an experienced Global Freight Logistics executive with expertise in strategic vertical markets. He has demonstrated strength in forging strong and enduring relationships across cultures, customers, and industries, and has developed a unique set of skills nurtured from his cross functional leadership roles in commercial, operations, and international enterprises. He has also been recognized for improving the focus, function, and solution sets of the organizations he collaborates with.

For over 26 years, David and his agency have specialized in brand marketing, sales, long-term contract negotiations, and international new product introductions into North America. Past customers have included General Motors, TRW, Ford Motor, Magna International, ZFLS, Tesla Motors, the EPA and various freight Carriers.

Mark has over 25 years of leadership and organizational building to support business development, brand development, and technology implementation in the automotive and transportation industries. Past roles have included President and CEO of the Campbell Company and Managing Director of Automotive Technology Solutions.

A former Walmart merchandise executive, Clint is an accomplished, results-driven executive with a proven track record of achievement in strategic planning, merchandising, supply chain, analytics, team leadership, inventory control, auditing, plan-o-grams, trade management, and key performance indicators.

Tom is an experienced transportation professional and brings 9 years of 3PL / Freight Brokerage operations and sales experience. His previous role with Coyote Logistics allowed him to focus on building relationships with top enterprise clients in the industry. Tom’s specialty is identifying and discovering opportunities for cost savings within a client’s truckload network through strategic partnerships and processes.

Mr. Hare has a well-rounded business, sports, and teaching background. He has an MBA from the University of Minnesota and has been a business adjunct professor at Elon University, Guilford College and the University of Phoenix. A successful consulting career led him to high level management positions with Datanet, Deluxe Check and Ceridian.

Ms. Kidani has over 18 years of product development and expert consulting experience in North America, UK and EMEA. With two master’s degrees (Mathematics and Psychology), Ms. Kidani has a strong foundation of quantitative and qualitative analytical abilities, as well as a successful career in building software products for technology based companies. Her extensive product management and consulting experience with complex business and analytics-based solutions, along with her cross-industry expertise in legal, e-billing, healthcare, banking and finance, CRM and marketing areas, gives her a broad an extensive pool of knowledge to draw from.

Mr. Morgan has a 35-year career manufacturing engineered components for the Rubber and Plastics industry. He worked for several domestic and international corporations, including Southland Industries in Virginia, Duramax Corporation in Ohio, and Dowty Seals Ltd, a UK company. Mr. Morgan is currently the President of Morgan Polymer Seals LLC.

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