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May 25, 2016 9:28 AM ET

NERONOTE - Men's shirts digitally reinvented. An addictively perfect shopping experience.

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Men’s shirts digitally reinvented. An addictively perfect shopping experience


Variety, tailored unicity and perfect hassles free shopping experience. Addictive. A scalable business executed by professionals. Neronote provides the perfect shirts for the digital era, offering variety (20 billions options), experience (customisations made easy), respecting the human unicity (perfect fit and style), a direct sale pricing. Bringing satisfaction to a new level. So far it has sold over 12.000 shirts in Europe, collected over 500 positive reviews, optimized the web technology and the just in time scalable manufacturing platform. Sales metrics show strong performances, reliabiliy and fidelity. The average repaying time for customer acquisition of 0.5 years.




Neronote reinvents shirt making with digital technologies, trading in the wide market space of men’s clothing with an innovative approach that sets it apart from the traditional offline/online competition of retailers.

We have developed proprietary technology and processes to let the customer either create or customise his perfect shirt on the online brand store, accessing an unmatched variety and level of service. The manufacturing platform integrates a ‘just in time’ Italian textile supply chain to make a quality item delivered to customer’s address in two weeks.

A thrilling combination of technology and traditional industry skills set to dominate the market.


Neronote allows the customer to create his perfect shirt, accessing an unmatched variety of 20 billion options with over 2,000 high quality fabrics.

It takes the customer into an easy customisation experience to create the bespoke shirt that perfectly matches his style and body measurements. This uniqueness is respected in a mass market.

It also provides an easy and convenient way for men to buy shirts saving time, money and the hassles to deal with returns typical of clothing e-stores. Neronote’s return rate is a fraction of the industry average.

Perfect shirt, ease of purchase, inclusive price points and high Italian quality!


The revenue model is to acquire customers and keep them engaged to make repeated purchases.

Once their body measurements are in the website and perfected with the first few orders they are guaranteed to get perfect shirts with just a click. Also, unlike in shops, the customers can keep reordering the same identical shirt forever. Which is a great fit with how men do clothing purchases.

Data shows that Neronote becomes addictive, with the average life time value for a year being the double of the customers acquisition cost, and that of the 100 best customers being 10x their acquisition cost.

Best customers have bought up to 27 shirts in a year.


For this round the most likely exit is the VC’s round A in a year, or following rounds.

In the long term it might be a sale to a private equity fund, to a big brand or an IPO.





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