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May 10, 2016 10:50 AM ET

watchitude™ utilizes our patent pending process to print full color photographic images on a slap watch band

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About Watchitude, llc


watchitude™ components are all SGS tested safe for kids, lead free, and compliant withCalifornia Prop 65

Our own tooling for the bands and covers were custom engineered, zinc alloy metal casings are used instead of plastic casing, and the process we developed completely prevents the printing of the images from peeling off or fading, creating a water resistant band and watch. watchitude™ is splash proof, not swim proof.

But the best test is when a mom takes it out of the package and lets us know that it feels good, and does not feel cheap. Kids love the designs and can even become a part of them! 

When someone touches the finished package, it not only looks good but it feels good too. The packaging alone is good enough to proudly give as a birthday gift right in the box without wrapping! 

We designed the packaging with the specific goal of taking a relatively inexpensive item, creatively design and re-engineer it, and turning it into a great retail product.watchitude™ sells retail for 19.99, and is selling out. That is why we have come to you. We need to ramp things up and stay cash flow positive at the same time. Let’s get growing together! 

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About the owner


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Dan and Albert Hakim – Founders

watchitude™ was founded by Dan and Albert Hakim. Our experience is rooted in Design, Photography, and production in China and USA of packaging, hard cover books and high end marketing materials since 1989 with

We have a full team in our New Jersey Studio, and a loyal and experienced team based in Hong Kong. Put simply, watchitude™  is a brand that never sleeps. 



Product Details: 

watchitude™ designs are endless. Our website allows kids to design a watchitude™, post their design, share it, and have other kids vote for it. The winning designs will become part of out product like, and the designer gets their name on the box with a design credit! (and a free watch of course). This will build a culture of fans, through creavitiy, innnovation, design, and fun.

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After connecting with 5 top repping firms in the United States this past December, watchitude™ was featured in toy and gift showrooms in Atlanta, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, and New York, the line has taken hold. 

Sales have accelerated from $7k in December to $25k in January, to almost $100k in February. We are already in over 400 accounts, over 600 stores nationwide, and the 17,000 units we ordered in December are 80% sold out. This offer is about inventory to support our amazing growth. We are opening 30 new accounts every week! 

watchitude™ utilizes our patent pending process to print full color photographic images on a slap watch band. We launched with 51 designs, and another 20 designs shipping in mid April. 

With just small stores, we are on pace to gross $2 million in 2016. 50% of the sales in most of these stores takes place in the 4th quarter. This is not the entire story. Large retailers, including Barnes and Noble, Hobby Lobby, Nordstrom, Macys, Hallmark,Seaworld and Caesars Entertainment have already started the paperwork forwatchitude™ to become a vendor for fall 2016. 


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Watchitude, llc

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