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Feb 14, 2018 7:29 AM ET

UAE: ERC Combatting Cholera in Yemen with Equipment Running on Alternative Energy

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 14, 2018

ABU DHABI,Jan 5 (WAM) – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) humanitarian aid authority Emirates Red Crescent (ERC) has solved the issues of limited electricity supply and transporting medical aid to areas far from the centres of Yemeni governorates, by deploying equipment that operates on alternative energy.

The limited electricity network, which was damaged by the Houthi militias, as well as the spread of many diseases in desperate areas, presented a real challenge in terms of delivering the assistance.

The ERC highlighted its desire and commitment to provide the necessary aid, to save the lives of Yemenis despite the difficulties, especially with the spread of cholera in many governorates.

The ERC provided many hospitals in Hadramaut, Aden and the West Coast with equipment, such as solar-powered refrigerators, in light of the limited electric supply, which helped to provide vaccinations against diseases and illnesses and saved the lives of tens of thousands of children and women.

The advanced solar-powered refrigerators offered a practical solution to the issue of preserving medicines and vaccines that are necessary for vaccination campaigns, considering the repeated electricity outages in many areas of Yemen, after their systematic destruction by the Houthi militias, which affected power plants and sub-stations.

The refrigerators also assisted in extending vaccination campaigns and reaching the widest geographic range within the country’s liberated regions, especially in remote mountain areas that lack medical centres and clinics.

In 2017, the ERC delivered solar-powered medical refrigerators to the Public Health and Population Office in the Hadramaut Coast, as part of its four local campaigns, which included 11 governorates and benefited 513,489 children below the age of five, as well as pregnant women and those of child-bearing age. (WAM) (END/2018)



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