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Jul 28, 2017 1:20 PM ET

iTS Cooler Co LTD – Thailand’s Coolest Online Retail Portal

iCrowdNewswire - Jul 28, 2017

iTS Cooler Co LTD

Thailand’s Coolest Online Retail Portal


The very first platform of its kind, iTS COOLER is a revolutionary online retail portal and complete lifestyle marketing platform for luxury brands around the world.

A complete online experience that features a user-friendly shopping portal, unique branded content, news and articles about fashion, beauty, and more, iTS COOLER is more than just an online store. It’s the ultimate online destination for all things lifestyle.


Currently in countries like Thailand, there is no comprehensive e-commerce, online media, or internet marketing system, despite the fact that more and more people in the region are flocking to the internet. Thousands of new and exciting products from international brands around the world are released every year, but without an online shopping portal for customers to find them on, many of these items remain unavailable to residents of the region. In addition to the countless language barriers, point-to-point delivery challenges, and cross border payment issues, the high brand entry cost into Thailand and the rest of the South East Asian market make it difficult for brands to market, sell, and ship their products to the area.

Locals and expats alike are searching for a way to make purchases online in Thailand, but the limited payment options, limited products, and long delivery times make the entire shopping experience more work than it’s worth. In fact, only 1% of online sales in Thailand are of luxury products, but it isn’t because the desire for this kind of shopping isn’t there. It’s because the tools to be able to do so aren’t.

That is, until now.


The only platform of its kind, iTS COOLER is an game-changing e-commerce portal and lifestyle website for luxury brands around the world. The first online retail store to bring Thai and international brands together on one platform, iTS COOLER finally makes shopping and selling luxury products a possibility for everyone.

With the help of our professional and friendly multilingual staff, a user-friendly interface, and a simple, hands-off importing and customs process, iTS COOLER makes buying fashion, homeware, beauty and lifestyle products online as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.

Whether you want a home makeover or a new wardrobe, iTS COOLER eliminates the stress and worry of its customers and finally makes online shopping fun again.


A one-of-a-kind e-commerce portal and lifestyle marketing service, iTS COOLER is a complete solution for consumers and businesses who want to buy and sell luxury goods in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We not only make it easy for customers to access and purchase the widest variety of international fashion, beauty, homeware and lifestyle products online, but we make it possible for local international brands to market and sell them in a territory otherwise closed off.

At iTS COOLER, we are opening the gates to Thailand, Southeast Asia, and beyond. Here’s how:

It may be the fastest growing internet region, but Thailand is among the slowest to develop usable online platforms that meet the demands of its increasing users. With iTS COOLER, Thailand’s first luxury online department stores, consumers finally have an all-in-one e-commerce solution for all of their online shopping needs. Offering brands from not only Thailand but the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the US.

For many consumers in Thailand, buying international products comes with too many barriers to overcome. Between the language barriers between the shopper and sellers, the shipping and customs nightmares, and the international payment and transaction issues, shopping abroad in South East Asia, even online, is out of the question. That is, until now, because with iTS COOLER, consumers finally have a platform to support their shopping needs.

With the help of our friendly and informed multilingual staff, versatile payment options, and simple shipping procedures, customers in Thailand and Southeast Asia can finally browse and buy a wide variety of mid to high end local and international fashion, beauty, houseware and lifestyle goods online. From browsing and purchasing to shipping and customs, iTS COOLER complete platform handles everything so the customer can enjoy their shopping experience, stress-free.

International brands have never had an easy entry point for selling their goods to Thailand and the South East Asian Market. High entry cost into the region has made it nearly impossible, even in the online space. But with iTS COOLER, brands from the UK. Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States finally have a route into marketing and selling their products into the territory at a cost-effective price. Our knowledgeable staff, easy-to-use retailers dashboard, and versatile payment system make it possible for brands from all over the world to sell their goods to a previously untouched market.

But at iTS COOLER, we aren’t just building the first e-commerce platform of its kind. We are also developing a complete media company that specializes in brand management and video marketing. That means companies who want to sell their mid to high end goods to customers in Thailand and beyond have not only an online department store to sell them in, but a complete lifestyle website to market them on.

iTS COOLER is an e-commerce breakthrough for international brands who want to sell and market to the South East Asian market, but it’s also revolutionary for local luxury brands, too. In Thailand, only about 1% of online sales are for luxury items, but with the help of our innovative shopping and marketing platform, brands already in Thailand struggling to make sales have a new and effective sales strategy.


Here are the highlights:

iTS COOLER may be a new company, but by bringing brands to one platform that puts them in control of everything from pricing to marketing, we will drive traffic and increase sales for each brand on our platform.

Brands already on iTs COOLER:


That is why we are continuing to build our unique marketing video library. Currently, our capacity for advertising includes over 3.2 million hours of advertising stock, as we have twenty one  main category advertising slots over seven countries  and over six hundred and forty   subcategory  advertising slots over seven counties as we continue to develop our platform we can increase this advertising revenue fourfold overtime,   Once we have developed in Thailand and we move into other regions of SEA  we believe the brands which are on the iTS COOLER platform will move with us as we go into new regions of SEA which in turn could allow the iTS COOLER advertising to grow ten times within the next five years  

We may just be getting started, but iTS COOLER plans to become a mega media platform that incorporates shopping, videos, blogs, and more. At iTS COOLER, we plan to become the one-stop-shop for all things lifestyle, one region at a time.

Want to learn more about iTS COOLER and what they have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!


A dedicated group of seasoned industry professionals, the team at iTS COOLER is ready to change the online shopping and marketing world with their innovative ideas, revolutionary platforms, and unmatched passion.

Spencer Sharpe | CEO | Spencer Sharp has been in the business industry for over 35 years. In addition to his work in the mobile phone industry building a large distribution company, Mr. Sharpe has been involved in developing several brands and brand licensing in the UK and Europe.

Natalie Sittipisansakul | Director | Natalie is a design and packaging professional.

Sittikorn Guisuman | Project Manager | Sittikorn is a professional tech developer, and has helped build and design the iTS COOLER interface.

Yvan Hennecart | Director of Operations | Yvan has extensive experience in the localization of languages. He is responsible for the translations workflow for iTS COOLER.

Amorn | Logistical Operations | Amorn has over 25 years of experience in logistics.

Neil Tomlinson | Marketing Director | Based in the UK, Neil has been in the design industry for over a decade. He is responsible for the logo and design of iTS COOLER.

Contact Information:

Spencer Sharpe | CEO

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