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Jun 19, 2017 10:02 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Jun 19, 2017

Kickstarter What’s The Recipe? There isn’t one!:  A Wacky Non-traditional Experimental Cooking Book




A wacky nontraditional experimental cooking book that has secret famous semi-recipes, secret ingredients, ingredient lists, steps, etc.


About this project

Note: Each $25 increment pledged gets an additional book.  Example: $250 = ten books.


This topping is AWESOME. To quote one fan – “The caramel flavor is bursting in my mouth; with the perfect texture”. To quote twin fans — “It is to die for.” And another states — “It is better than sex.”

Now the instructions for making the caramel topping and more are in one cooking book.  The instructions include the topping and many other items you’ll love to make and eat too!

Over the last thirty plus years of cooking for others,  I’ve been asked the same question by mothers, daughters, dads and grandparents.  I’ve been queried by bosses, coworkers, friends and neighbors.  I’ve even been asked by strangers, acquaintances and by a self proclaimed foodie.

That question is always:  “What’s the recipe?”

The answer: “There isn’t one!”

hee…hee…the name of the book is What’s The Recipe? There Isn’t One!  A Wacky Non-traditional Experimental Cooking Book.  Get it…?

This book is NOT a recipe cookbook. It is a book of tried and true techniques and ingredients lists that are currently in my memories.  Which is a very precarious place for them to be. Now, by multiple requests, those memories are in a fun cooking book.

I tried to make videos during cooking to demonstrate my cooking techniques.  It turned out I’m definitely not a Rachael Ray type :-)!  So, a book it is.  The book has:

1)  How to make Better Than The “Big O” Caramel Topping

Mmm mmm good!
Mmm mmm good!

2)  How to make my Famous Finger Steaks batter

Finger steaks and jojos for dinner tonight
Finger steaks and jojos for dinner tonight

3)  How to make my homemade Italian Marinara Base Sauce


4)  How to make my simply delicious Homemade Ranch Dressing and how it can be converted to the best ever Blue Cheese Dressing

5)  The only book to include Grammy Tammy’s Chicken Coating recipe

6)  The family recipe to our Original Recipe Brazelis (oh, darn — the Brazeli iron is not included but one gets the recipe)

7)  The BBQ Sauce that was named The Best I’ve Ever Had BBQ Sauce in Spokane, WA

8)  What the secret ingredients are (besides love) that makes my cooking special

and much more…

This isn’t a humblebrag, it is an outright brag :-) — I’m a great cook. I was raised on a large farm and learned farm cooking that used real ingredients, used what was currently available, and meant knowing how to cook fast and in large enough quantities to feed very hungry farm crews. These techniques are getting lost as more people turn to fast foods and pre-packaged meals.

If this Kickstarter doesn’t fund, then the cooking book will not be printed and all my secrets will die with me upon my death and that would leave disappointed fans from Washington State to Florida.

Come one.  Come all.  Help me pass on these semi-recipes and techniques before they are lost forever.  Please pledge first, comment, thumbs up and then share the campaign link with everyone you know.  Help keep the daughter, adopted daughters, friends, family members, amusement park workers, divers and caramel topping fans alike from having to conduct a future seance in the name of the “Big O”.  I’ve been threatened to be Beettlejuiced and/or Ouija’d if the book isn’t printed before my death.

And so it begins…with the book’s Table of Contents…



Mama Alli



Contact Information:

Brewer Family Enterprises LLP

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