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May 19, 2017 2:06 PM ET

Archived: Kill Carins Cancer: Receving high doses of cytostatica to gain local control.

iCrowdNewswire - May 19, 2017

Kill Carins Cancer

Vill du rädda mitt liv?

PayPal ell bankkort: görs här på fondsidan ❤

Swish: 0700913122 ❤

Banköverföring: Handelsbanken 6245-447058061


Do you wanna save my life? Make a donation here on “Kill Carins Cancer” or IBAN SE 8460000000000447058061 ❤

On the 20:th of December 2016 our lives stopped. I, a 39 year old mother of two small children, was diagnosed with highly malignant sarcoma cancer, which has spread to both of lungs. My oncologist gave me 1-2 years left to live. Now my strugle for lite started…

In Sweden where I live it´s not possible to make surgery to remove my kind of metastases which are many, up to 20 in each lung. In Great Britain and Germany these kinds of lungsmetasases have been succefully removed with advanded lasersurgery for over ten years and it that way saved many lives. That´s way I started this funding. To save my life and let my two little children keep their mother.

Right now I´m receving high doses of cytostatica to gain local control. But after that I need that highly advanced laser surgery to save my life. It´s a very expensive kind of surgery and I simply lack that kind of money (90179.72438 USD = 800000 SEK)

With a small contribution from many I will have the possibility to see my children grov up. That´s my dream, to kill Carins cancer!

Contact Information:

Carin Ahlander

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