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Apr 29, 2017 11:05 AM ET

Archived: Advocates For Justice Legal Document : We prepares quality affordable legal documents to help you win in court in court today without the assistance of an attorney.

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Advocates For Justice Legal Document Preparation Service

Dover, FL 33527, US
Business Products & Services

We prepares quality affordable legal documents to help you win in court in court today without the assistance of an attorney. We are the only document preparation business where you can shop and review a small part of the document before you purchase

Advocates for Justice is a new company have been open only 2 months. We specialize in foreclosure defense, credit card company civil law suite defense, traffic court, civil court, criminal court defense. We also have documents that can repair your credit, remove charged off medical collection from your credit report. We teach our clients how to do these things with our documents and we never handle our clients private information. We do things different than an attorney,Many of our documents are drafted using different Acts, like the FDCPA. our remedies are in these acts. Doing things in this matter interferes with apposing counsel arguing your documents. Our foreclosure documents are drafted using banking laws that cannot be argued in court. So many things in our government are not what they appear to be. For instance, did you know that when ever an police officer issues a summons that have not been prior signed by a judicial officer of the court it is a violation of your due process. The separation clause in the constitution provided the 3 branches of government must be separated. So when a police officer (from the executive branch) issues a summons signs it him self he is in violation and we have a document for that. Did you know that medical billing is protected under HIPAA. We have a HIPAA violation document that our clients use to get charged off medical debts discharged and removed from their credit report with in 5 days after receiving our document. We email the document to our client’s and we guide and help them to getting the document filed on the record in their case. We have helped 2 people save their homes from foreclosure, and helped countless people defend them self’s against 3rd party debt collectors, and wage garnishments.

Products / Services

Legal Documents / Documents to Repair Credit Score

1. Answers and affirmative Defenses to 3rd. Party Debt Collectors.
2. .HIPAA, Violation Letter (will remove 3rd party collectors trying to collect on charged off alleged medical Debts.
3. Motions For Sanctions (most debt collectors file without a reasonable investigation or admissible evidence)
4. Restraining Order To Block the Foreclosure Sale
5. Summary Judgment Motion.
6. We provide custom drafting at a rate of 95.00 per. hr.
7. Motion to Disqualify Attorney For not Having a Real Licenses.
9. Qualified Written Request is to demand verification of the alleged debt.
10. Motion to Dismiss Traffic Court Infraction Due to The Separation Clause in the Constitution.
11. Motion to Vacate Foreclosure Judgment.
12. Verified Petition Redress For Violation of the F.D.C.P.A.
13. Interrogatories For The Petition For Redress For Violations of the F.D.C.P.A.
14. Motion To Add Apposing Side’s Attorney To The Litigation As A Defendant.
15. If You Would Like to View Any of Our Document Please Ask.



Director Operations
Guy Neighbors

Guy  NeighborsI had the unfortunate opportunity to fight the Federal Government in a vindictive prosecution case for many yrs. Because I refused to cooperate and take a deal when I was not guilty I was treated harshly.
I have never been convicted of anything in my life. I managed to beat I think 6- different federal cases against me and a forced medication order. That is what the government does to people who believe they have right and are willing to do what ever it takes to make sure the courts and the justice dept. respect those rights. Now I’m standing as a voice to help others. I have been forced to learn things that very few people understand. I was treated with such disrespect in foreclosure court., so I started learning everything there was to learn about foreclosure, and banking process ect.. I think out of the box so it was not hard for me to see the smoke and mirrors . I have combined the information and figured a way to present the info. In Pleadings, that can help people Win Today.


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Guy Neighbors

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