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Apr 28, 2017 8:50 PM ET

Archived: CRONO – low maintenance, belt drive, lifestyle bike Pedale88 Affordable, carbon belt drive, single speed or two-speed automatic internal gear hub, no rust, no grease, oil or dirt bicycle fixie

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2017

About this project

Introducing CRONO
Introducing CRONO



Built to impress
Built to impress


Premium features
Premium features






Safety first! In addition to the coaster brake, every CRONO will be shipped with two brake calipers (front and rear) and two brake levers.  To focus on the design, we preferred to use the coaster brake in our pictures and videos.
Safety first! In addition to the coaster brake, every CRONO will be shipped with two brake calipers (front and rear) and two brake levers. To focus on the design, we preferred to use the coaster brake in our pictures and videos.




This project really started out as a necessity. I am fairly tall, 6’6” to be exact, and it was really difficult to find an inexpensive bicycle that would fit me. One day it struck me that I could use my engineering background to build the perfect bike on my own. So, I bought a large frame and all of the parts required to build a budget fixie exactly as I wanted. After few months I started thinking about how I could improve it. I particular, I noticed how difficult it was to keep all the parts clean and lubricated in a cold, rainy, and windy country like Scotland, or in a really warm and dry country like my hometown (Southern Italy). That’s the day that I started this project, without even knowing it! After sharing my thoughts on how to improve the bike with several friends and family members, they started encouraging me to design it and put it into production. But I wasn’t quite sure where to start. So, I decided to save enough money to fly and visit different suppliers around the world to propose my drawings and ideas of the bicycle that I envisioned. A bike that is always ready to ride, beautiful, innovative and affordable. I received a lot of “we will let you know”, but eventually I found people that really believed in the bike. I am thankful for their daily support. It’s an unreal feeling to see a product for the first time, and know that’s it, that’s the perfect bike. A product that transpired from a thought to a concept, from a concept to a design, from a design to a simply beautiful bicycle that is practical and easy to maintain. But we need your help to build and produce this bicycle for you. 



This picture of my grandfather from 1947 inspired me since the first day. After WWII he needed a job to start a better life. He met the owner of an insurance company and managed to procure a job as sale agent. To do this job, he needed a way to move door to door. Monetarily, buying a car or a motorcycle was out of the question. However, he owned an old female bicycle that was badly damaged. While he didn’t have any formal training or mechanical skills, he figured out how to repair it and make it work perfectly. That bicycle, which I still own in my hometown, was the first way that my family was able to move around town effectively. Moreover, it played a vital role for him. It has made him feel useful, provided a better life for my family, and allowed me to chase my dreams today.

This is why I believe that two simple wheels are not just a transportation piece or a hunk of metal. I believe that it is an important part of your story. A story that is constantly evolving and can take you wherever you want to go. This is my story, about my family and the passion that we have for bicycles. And that’s the reason why I really believe in this project. 





Clear spec specification table
Clear spec specification table








Risks and challenges

We already have samples that ride amazingly, and we believe the possibility of late delivery is extremely low. If you live in Scotland or the UK, or if you want to visit Scotland we are more than happy to show you our bicycles and let you take one for a test drive. As with all overseas trades and suppliers, unforeseen complications can always pop up, but we will try our best to mitigate them. Our founder, Vincenzo, will be personally visiting suppliers multiple times during the production process to ensure every CRONO is up to our standards and ensure that they will deliver on time. We will keep our backers posted throughout every step of the production process.

Contact Information:

Vincenzo Severino

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