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Apr 28, 2017 6:00 PM ET

Archived: ClubTrader.com is the fresh and revolutionary platform where golfers buy, sell, and make free trades with other golfers nationwide.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2017

ClubTrader, LLC

La Mirada, CA 90638, US
Consumer Products

ClubTrader.com is the fresh and revolutionary platform where golfers buy, sell, and make free trades with other golfers nationwide.

In 1926 Kelley Blue Book published its first edition, dramatically changing the way vehicles are bought and sold. That same concept now allows the golf club market to be standardized as well. With the introduction of the ClubTrader ValueCheck system, the National Standard for Club Values, golf club values may be easily and quickly referenced in the same way vehicles are referenced. ClubTraders ValueCheck allows for a new platform for buying, selling, and trading used golf clubs online.

ClubTrader’s listed prices will be up to the minute with the listed re-sale value from ClubTrader.com’s ValueCheck. Low operating costs equate to more money in the hands of both the seller and the buyer. On average, ClubTrader.com sellers will receive 40-50% more when selling, and buyers will save 30-40% when buying. All member-to-member trading transactions are executed absolutely free of charge (except for a modest shipping fee to cover the box and the actual shipping process).

Simply put, ClubTrader eliminates the third-party “middleman” and leverages low overhead and elimination of warehouse surcharges to pass the savings on to buyers and sellers — a win-win for golfers everywhere.

ClubTrader customers benefit from the company’s patent-pending easy-ship process. At the completion of each transaction, ClubTrader sends a prepaid, pre-labeled box directly to the seller. The seller then uses that box to ship the clubs directly to the buyer. Once the item is received by the buyer, the seller immediately has access to his/hers funds, which can be cashed out or used as credit to purchase items from other ClubTrader members.

Clubtrader.com will become the standard marketplace to buy-sell-trade used golf clubs and will become a household name for golfers everywhere.


Products / Services

Online marketplace for buying and selling used golf clubs

ClubTrader connects buyers and sellers of used golf clubs via a revolutionary online platform. ClubTrader maintains low overhead and needs no warehouse, enabling customers to save 30-50% per transaction. With its patent-pending easy-ship technology, the company provides simplified delivery of the products to the buyer, direct from the seller via an appropriately-sized pre-addressed, pre-posted shipping box that the seller drops off at any UPS location. Member-to-member trading transactions are executed absolutely free of charge, dramatically increasing site traffic and registered users.



Chief Executive Officer
John Kim

Mr. Kim’s ability to establish a growing, profitable, and stable business has been consistent and impressive. Mr. Kim has maintained an ability to recognize a real need by consumers for a product and turning that in to a profitable business. By age of 23, through his hard work and dedication, he successfully started his first business in 1995. His first company, a California-based chain of computer stores filled a demand that few had recognized. He remained the CEO of the business until its acquisition in 2001. Shortly following 9/11 Mr. Kim recognized the demand for security surveillance products and founded DVRUSA, Inc. Six years later, after successfully developing manufacture relationships around the world and securing multiple government contracts.

Group Leader/Lead Engineering
Yoon Shik Woo

Mr. Woo is a productive IT engineer from conceptual design to formal roll-out, and his career has been consistent and durable. His vast knowledge of streamlined platform design has made him an attractive and valuable asset to leading companies in the system development sector around the world. Mr. Woo’s impressive resume includes management roles with companies as Samsung SDS, Korea, Project Manager/Analyst; Lexken-Korea, Chief Consultant; Haemacom Co, Chief IT Engineer; Sports21 Co, Seoul Korea, System Design / Development – Sr. Engineer of Planning and Implementation of web contents and services. In 2011 Mr. Woo joined Newport Beach, California-based Biztech as their Chief IT Systems Engineer to design system development and to create a viable structure for Technical Markets. In August 2012, he joined ClubTrader as lead developer of their innovative patent-pending eCommerce marketplace.

Managing Director Development
David Cho

Mr. Cho brings two particularly valuable assets to the ClubTrader team. Not only is he a Senior-Level Engineer, but he is a 10-year Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches of America Golf Pro. His role with ClubTrader.com is twofold. Mr. Cho has spent hundreds of hours in the field, working closely with other golf professionals to find out what the golf consumers truly need. He brings his specific systems engineering experience to the table as the middleman between “what golfers want” and “what ClubTrader.com can do.” His proficiencies in computer languages including basic, visual basic, vb.net, asp, html, Pascal, and SQL enable him to effectively liaison between the web developers and golfers’ perspective. ClubTrader is proud to have our first Golf Pro on board.

Director Operations
Erik Fredericksen

Mr. Fredericksen proved himself as a valuable team member with management potential at an early age, beginning his business operations career while serving as assistant to the Project Coordinator at K. Hovanian Companies, a national property development company. His ability to resolve problems and streamline daily business functions where soon recognized, and he quickly climbed the ranks to become Jr. Operations Manager there. While serving as at K. Hovanian Companies, he was responsible for cutting overhead and increasing revenue. In 2006 he joined Elite CCTV as acting General Manager. While at Elite CCTV, Mr. Fredericksen was responsible for overseeing all aspects of customer relations, technical support, and supply chain variables. In 2012 Mr. Fredericksen joined ClubTrader as Director Of Operations where he works closely with ClubTrader’s engineers and coordinates daily with development.

Director Marketing
Tom Gaither

Mr. Gaither began his career in promotions and advertising in 1991 with CBS, Los Angeles, Radio Media Market. He developed relationships with major financial institutions (MasterCard/Visa), successfully introducing their services to an untapped college-age market through various strategic campaigns. He is recognized as an asset to companies looking to research and develop a solid marketing strategy for new products. Mr. Gaither’s expertise focuses on his ability to determine how consumers and potential partners need new products and services and to provide such data to the service provider in a effective and workable manner. He joined ClubTrader in 2012 to begin development of that company’s strategic plan of market research, partner development, and branding to establish ClubTrader’s anticipated public use and awareness. Mr. Gaither has launched on a plan to have ClubTrader be a well known and trusted platform by mid-2013.

Contact Information:

John Kim - Chief Executive Officer

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