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Apr 28, 2017 7:00 AM ET

Archived: Bar Saint: A technology-based company that strives to protect establishments that sell single-serve alcoholic drinks,

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 28, 2017

Bar Saint

AUSTIN, TX 78745, US
Consumer Services

We are a technology-based company that strives to protect establishments that sell single-serve alcoholic drinks, their employees, and the public at large, using technology that is already in place. The goal of the company is to establish a nationwide subscriber service that allows customers to alert other customers when a person is deemed “unservable” (ie intoxicated). This warning is sent out over a dedicated mobile application interface that other establishments have on their smart phones in a predetermined geographical location. Using the information that is broadcasted, other establishments can turn away the offender without unknowingly serving them. This is particularly useful in areas where entertainment districts exist.
The goal of this service is to cut down on the number of drunk drivers that are a hazard to the general public, reduce the liability that bartenders and their owners are subject to on a nightly basis, and reduce the insurance liability incurred by the insurers who cover them. The company will charge a nominal monthly fee that is paid by the subscribers for the service (ie- bartenders and or their owners). A single user license, will be made available for an individual phone number subscriber, a package for 5 numbers, to cover a single business as a whole, and larger packages for small chains and larger chains alike. The more people that sign up, the more protection is offered for everyone within their geographical locale.
We are seeking funding to beta-test our software in Austin, Texas. It is a perfect market for what we do. We have a vibrant downtown community and a growing market along the central I 35 corridor and eastward. We are also home to The University of Texas, one of the largest public colleges in America. Austin is home to SXSW and the ACL Festival every fall, and now with the Formula 1 circuit making it’s annual foray into the city, bars in Austin would be the perfect place to start our business.


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Bar Saint

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