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Apr 27, 2017 12:35 PM ET

The principle A full wild trip, lost in irakies mountains…

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017

The principle

A full wild trip, lost in irakies mountains…

About the project

                               This film is maybe the biggest adventure of our life.

Tommy and Rod are two marines deployed in Iraq. Lost in a mountainous region, they stop a car driven by two mercenaries: Stern and Fed. The two contractors agree to embark them on board. A strange journey begins.

Intended to be broadcast first in film festival, as well as in normal film distribution circuits (theathers, physical supports, video on demand), our film will know many moments. Crowdfunding is one! :)



What are the funds for?

We also have:

-Almost all technical equipment (camera, image, machinery, postproduction). 

-Some spottings accomplished during December 2016 .

-Permission to shoot.

-Of course, we have a script, a cast and all the preparation of the director.  

We do not miss much. We can almost shot, with a minimum and in complete urgency. But the film demands another philosphy… 

In concrete terms, the funds raised will be used to:

Wages are good to have when you work in general. Our crowdfunding will mainly serve to strengthen them. The more you give, the more wages will be boosted..We hate the idea of not paying the different people of this film to the measure of their talent. We hate the idea of not paying the different speakers of this film to the measure of their talent : The more you give, the higher the wages!

-For 5000 euros, we can make the film. But in urgency and with little. Here’s what we plan to do with more money.

Several levels are considered, up to 10000 euros. The playing car is the highest gift we make (and it’s a great deal).  So we count on you, and we will inundate gifts those who will help us. We love machines and technique, so the more money we have, the more we can shot amazing pictures. We love to create content, so the gifts will be some tools of comprehension for the universe of the film, but also information.


About the project owner

Paul Spera is the first comedian of the project, Paul is a theater actor, which plays from Paris to Beirut via Avignon, Cairo and Alexandria. Paul is an explorer of acting with significant roles. An opportunity is given to him to deliver a intense and calculated performance, creating a intriguing main character.

Matthew Luret is our jeune premier, Matthew lives in Los Angeles as an actor, but also in France. The world of the series is familiar to him (Sleepy Hollow, Rizzoli&Isles). The opportunity is given to him to take a very significant role, also very contemporary.

Quentin Faure is a regular of the series (Riviera, Engrenages, Borgia), but also of the French theater where he spends a lot of time, when he’s not fully participating in the world of Joan Sfar.  Quentin is a full-time actor, his presence has already seduced more than one.

Akil Wingate is arriving from New-York, Akil is a real knife-Swiss artist: Production, direction, physical training, short movies, series, musical composition, singing. His presence and the magnetism of his play are a must-see actor for our camera.

 Hiki_Komori_, long time collaborator and creator of the preview poster you admired at the beginning of the page, will be in charge of creating some graphic aspects of the film (poster, logos, artworks).

Alexandre Cardinali is a 37 years old french producer-director. After years of working in dozens of differents kinds of artistic universe, he will deliver a fiction on which he has worked for 7 years and is trying an ambitious move. Here’s his word on the film: “I personally worked as a director and a lot of other tasks for several years in audiovisual and cinema. I have shot 4 experimental films, and more conventional pictures. This film is the realization of all that I have learned as a creator and artist. I have been working on this project for almost 7 years and now it has to be completed.  I do not know why I have been carrying this project for so long. This movie is a big step for the life of those who compose it, its ambition will push us to call back all our professional experience of artist, all our energy. This film is the outcome of our artistic trajectory, but also the beginning of something new. That’s the principle of this film. »

L’artiste et collaborateur de longue date Hiki_Komori_, déjà créateur de l’affiche preview que vous avez admiré en début de page, sera en charge de la création de certains aspects graphiques du film (affiche, logos, artworks).

Contact Information:


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