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Apr 27, 2017 3:00 PM ET

Archived: Droshi The Alibaba of Europe – with a twist

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 27, 2017


The Alibaba of Europe – with a twist

Imagine if you could run a webshop without having to purchase stock. With Droshi’s cloud-based platform, retailers can choose between over 85.000 products to sell without actually having them in stock. When a purchase is made, the product is then sent directly from the supplier to the end consumer.
Thanks to Droshi retailers won’t have to keep stock, pack or ship products.
A retailer can also buy stock via Droshi, eradicating the problem of finding the right supplier and product and negotiating prices. Droshi ensures quality suppliers and negotiates the best prices so retailers save both time and money.
We now offer you a chance to invest in a fast growing company with a scalable business model, proof of concept and a great team. In a short time we have become Northern Europe’s biggest drop shipping service with over 135.000 products from over 80 suppliers. To meet the increasing demand, we need to scale up our organization and therefore welcome new investors. 
  • Expected ROI of 10x within a maximum of 5 years and we will gladly buy back the shares you bought.







The problem this product solves

Droshi solves the following common problems for both retailers and suppliers:
For Retailers
  • Expensive investment in stock and staff
  • Tying up capital in stock
  • Difficult and time consuming to find reliable suppliers with good prices
  • Difficult to find and expand product range with new products
For Suppliers
  • Difficult to handle single drop shipping requests
  • Time consuming and low profitability to handle single and small purchase requests and orders
  • Expensive to find new retailers to sell products to
  • Expensive investment in new IT infrastructure

How the product solves it

We’ve developed a cloud-based IT-system to handle drop shipping and bulk orders, and to connect retailers and suppliers.
With Droshi, retailers can choose over 85.000 products to sell without having their own stock (Drop shipping). Therefore retailers don’t tie up capital in stock.
For retailers that want to buy stock, Droshi is the perfect purchase channel with quality assured suppliers and pre-negotiated wholesale prices. There are currently over 135.000 products to choose from.
For suppliers, Droshi enables an easy way to handle orders for both drop shipping and bulk orders while simultaneously advertising their products to thousands of retailers.

Product features

For Retailers
  • Cloud-based service with user-friendly UI
  • Over 85.000 products to sell with drop shipping*
  • Over 135.000 products to bulk order*
  • Only verified and quality assured suppliers
  • API-connection to e-commerce platforms (pipeline)
  • API for stock status
  • Export product lists
  • Priority on new products
  • Unique service for bulk orders to wholesale prices
  • Multiple payment options
  • Connect multiple web shops
  • Valuable partner offers
* New products and suppliers added monthly
For Suppliers
  • Cloud-based service with user-friendly UI
  • Market products to thousands retailers
  • Simple product import
  • Approve retailers
  • Payment and order history
  • API-connection to integrate with other systems
  • System for stock management (pipeline)

Product use cases

Droshi aims to become the leading B2B-platform for drop shipping and bulk orders for all industries.
Droshi is used by Retailers that are running a:
  • Webshop and want to expand their range by selling with drop shipping
  • Webshop and want to expand their stock with products from quality assured suppliers to pre-negotiated wholesale prices
  • (Starting) New webshop and prefer minimized risk by selling with drop shipping
  • Physical shop and want to expand their range with new products
As well as Suppliers that want to:
  • Increase revenue and reach new markets
  • Find new retailers
  • Offer drop shipping to existing customers


Jonas Salminen avatar
Jonas Salminen
CEO & Founder

Jonas is a driven visionary and truly creative entrepreneur. He is someone who people tend to look up to and be inspired by. He has over 17 years’ experience from sales, has invented new products (filed for patent – sponsored by Almi) and has acquired great experience from the retail 
Nicklas Ohlsén  avatar
Nicklas OhlsénCTO & Member of the board

Certified IT Architect focusing on delivering customer value instead of technical discussions. Been working over 20 years in the IT business within multiple branches (Insurance, Bank, Media, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, etc.) Has a background as a developer, working with everything from simple web solution to complex standard system integrations.
Contact Information:

Jonas Salminen

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