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Mar 20, 2017 3:44 PM ET

Archived: UnicusID – Identity Theft Prevention Technology of the Future, Today

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017


Identity Theft Prevention Technology of the Future, Today



UnicusID is the future of identity protection and verification.

By tapping into biometric scanning technology in your smartphone or mobile device, UnicusID is able to protect you from identity theft in a way no company has ever been able to before. Not just by fingerprints, but any biometric that your device supports. For instance, every smartphone has a front facing camera that can be used as a biometric sensor to capture the face.

Multifactor authentication combined with biometric verification means that potential hackers and identity thieves can’t access your accounts or steal your identity even if they have your sensitive information.

Where most of the identity theft protection products notify you right after the security breach has occurred, with UnicusID, your information is protected before it happens.


These days, it’s become all but impossible to control and contain your information. We subscribe to newsletters, buy products and services online, and in today’s day and age, it’s unavoidable to give an organization your information online. The world is officially online, giving us all convenience and the wonders of the modern age.

Unfortunately, the downside of this new world is that it’s pretty safe to say that everyone’s information is on a hacker’s database somewhere. They can then sell our information, and that’s how a person’s identity gets stolen, wreaking havoc in our lives.

Many companies offer instant alert and notification after a breach has happened, but is this enough? By that point, we know someone already has our information, that our identity is already breached and our assets at risk.

What if we could prevent identity fraud before it happened?


UnicusID keeps you safe from fraud with our patented biometric technology to keep your information yours. UnicusID uses the smartphone you already have to biometrically authenticate users to make a transaction or access their identities.

With the UnicusID system, you’re not just notified when an identity thief is attempting to use your information. The thief is prevented from even accessing your assets in the first place because they can’t biometrically verify that they are you.

In order to provide the best identity fraud protection possible, we keep your biometric information on your own mobile device in a single user database, instead of keeping millions of users’ biometrics in a single database. This keeps your biometrics secure, and only in your hands so that no one else can use the information.


So how exactly does UnicusID use your biometrics to keep your information and identity more secure than it’s ever been?

By using single-user databases rather than one database with all UnicusID users information on it, we make sure that your biometric information is secure and keeping that crucial piece of the puzzle safe.

UnicusID can also be used to protect businesses against identity fraud. This protection is extremely valuable for businesses dealing with sensitive information, such as financial institutions, medical businesses, and legal firms, just to name a few.


UnicusID has had some great early stage traction to build on in the future.

We already have 4 US issued patents and 2 Foreign issued for our biometric technology and processes. We also have another US patent pending.

In addition to already having the patents for our biometric authentication technology and system, we have also already introduced our “biometric authenticated cashless system” for slot machines and table games at G2E in Las Vegas, NV.


The next steps for UnicusID, pending the gathering of necessary resources, is to begin working on our public launch scheduled for fourth quarter of 2017. We would also build up our social media marketing campaign to start marketing and selling to individual consumers.

Want to learn more about UnicusID and what they have planned for the future? Make sure to request access to the Business Plan tab of the profile to find out how you can get involved!


Patrick has been in the technology and communications fields for over 25 years.

Keith oversees operations for UnicusID and has been in the technology field for 20 years, with a strong project management background.

Scott oversees technology and helps provide vision for the future of UnicusID’s technology. He’s been in the technology field for over 20 years.

Contact Information:

Patrick - President

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