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Mar 20, 2017 8:23 PM ET

Archived: Ski Dolly LLC: An LLC company owned and operated by two single parents who love skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor sports.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

Ski Dolly LLC

Aurora, CO 80016, US
Consumer Services

Ski-Dolly is an LLC company owned and operated by two single parents who love skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor sports. A common and frustrating problem for families is transporting equipment from their vehicles or lodging area to the ski lift. Dad or Mom usually wind up serving as equipment “mules” to transport gear to and from the ski lift. Not a great way to start out the morning, and certainly not the way to end the day after an enjoyable outing on the slopes!
We figured there has got to be a better way. After several design prototypes, we came up with a winner! The Ski-Dolly is a free standing unit that holds up to eight pairs of skis or 4-5 snowboards. This patent-pending design will not tip over, or roll away from you on an incline or uneven surface. Its unique design and center of gravity allows the Ski-Dolly to easily tilt and roll when you’re ready to go. It has a quick release strap that secures gear and a large mesh bag to hold goggles, hats, gloves and other items.

Helmets easily attach to the dolly with the chin strap just below the handle. The handle is designed with a comfortable three position grip to either pull with one hand or push the dolly with both.

The sturdy steel base is perforated to allow the release of water from melting snow or ice. It rolls on all terrain, flat-free rubber tires. There is no worry of unexpected flat tires and eliminates the need for replacement tubes or air compressors.

The Ski-Dolly is convenient, easy and most important – to families, individuals and ski resorts alike – it is safe to use. A primary feature is the Ski-Dolly’s maneuverability and ease of operation. It must be tipped downward for the Ski-Dolly to roll. This makes a “run-away” cart almost non-existent. We call it the “tip and go” system. It is truly a “one- person load ~ one-person haul” transport system.

We are working on a solar charger for phones/ipods to add as an upgrade for ski resorts.

Products / Services

Ski Dolly/ transport ski gear at ski resorts

Ski-Dolly – Design Features and Benefits
•Designed to hold eight pair of skis w/poles, or four pair of skis w/ poles plus two snowboards. Up to 250 lb capacity.
•Built for years of rugged outdoor/indoor service. Manufactured in USA using sturdy welded steel.
•“Tip and Go” design makes it easy to pull or push, through mud, sleet, ice or snow.
•Rubber-grip handles and 3-position grip.
•No-flat, all terrain rubber tires maneuver over ramps, stairs and curbs.
•Handy mesh accessory bag holds personal gear – gloves, goggles and hats.
•Quick-release elastic strap secures equipment from falling or shifting
•Helmets attach to handle through chin straps.
•Perforated platform basket allows release of water from melting snow, ice and sleet and easy hose-down to remove mud and debris.
•Upright design allows for quick and stable loading. Optional solar charger for phones/music devices.
•Rolls through any 3′ wide door and can enter/exit elevators without adjusting equipment/load.



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Tony Laugen

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