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Mar 20, 2017 6:37 PM ET

Archived: S. N. Forge | Copper Series We are S.N.Forge and want to bring out a series of copper based products. Therefore we need special tools: Hammers, tongs and copper.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

About this project


S.N.Forge consits out of Sven Nivera and Anthony Schill. We are both students living in northern Germany near the Danish border. Between the north and the Baltic sea it can be a bit boring. So we decided to start our own little forge!!!

We began with a steel bucket and an old hairdryer just to heat up little chunks of metal and form them into crazy shapes. It looked terrible, though every minute of practising brings experience. Working with steel is very hard as you can imagine, so we switched over to copper. With our small arsenal of tools we are very limeted to only a few little projects. Just one hamer and a pair of pliers isn’t enough.

Our first run of the bucket in the early days.
Our first run of the bucket in the early days.

Since about three months we plan to make our forge bigger and better. For this plan we need a budget. Tools like hammers, tongs, chisels and so on are really expensive to buy. So every bit of money counts!

Though we already have a little self-made anvil made out of an steel I-beam we do need a bigger one. A real Anvil. A lot of research brought up a general price range depending on the weight. I don’t wont to go to deep into detail, but we want to have an anvil between 50 and 70 kg which can cost from 250€ up to 900€. Our goal of 750€ should cover a cheap  anvil and a few tools to start the forging.

Our momentary "anvil"
Our momentary “anvil”

If this project will be succesfull we can start to bring out a series of copper products like the mentioned rose or the leafs, also we will be able to experiment with the real metals like steel and iron. One of our biggest wishes is it to forge our own big art projects. Blacksmithing is as you may already know a very intensiv and old hobby. To honor it in the right way is very hard. We want to do excatly that!!!

The leaf without initials.
The leaf without initials.


A first try of a copper rose made for valentine's day this year <3
A first try of a copper rose made for valentine’s day this year <3


A copper tree
A copper tree

We do appreciate every bit of help and we hope that we convinced you for our goals. Let’s team up and ignite a long lasting fire together.


Sven & Anthony

Risks and challenges

Working with metals is always a hard job. You need skills, strength and enough experience to know excatly what you are doing.
Experience does not come from nothing!!!
Without tools we will never be able to learn excatly how to work with metal. Blacksmithing was and will always be a traditional and honorable craftmanship. We would love to honer it in the right way!
If you have questions just feel free to write us: s.n.forge@gmx.de

Contact Information:

Sven Nivera

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