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Mar 20, 2017 9:20 AM ET

Place2b – An app that organizes your city’s party scene

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017


An app that organizes your city’s party scene



Turn the music up, keep those drinks pouring, and call more friends – the party never dies with Place2b.

Our new mobile app is connecting bars, nightclubs, and partygoers like never before through geolocation functionality that displays all the hot events (and their details) in a user’s area. In contrast to other similar platforms, we let users post any type of event – including house parties – and even invite friends through our proprietary social network.  We’re making big-time noise in Miami already, acquiring over 3,000 users who are enjoying the app for free.  Now, it’s time to light up the night sky across the US!


Who doesn’t love a good party?  According to recent statistics, Americans certainly do: US bars and nightclubs generated approximately $25 billion in 2016. This figure fails to account for parties held in houses, dorm rooms, and beaches – which swells the size of the market even further.  And we especially know how to do it right down here in Miami, where the sun shines with warm skies nearly 365 days per year.

But even paradise isn’t immune to the issues partygoers commonly encounter within the disorganized party scene.  Outside of a few random Facebook posts and infrequently updated websites, there’s very little info available regarding where parties are at, who’s going, drink specials, and the like.  Details on things like dress codes and if you can bring friends are often nowhere to be found, which can lead to ruined plans and unfulfilling nights.  Who knows?  You may even miss out on meeting the love of your life due to not being “party-ready”.

The lack of structure in the industry also has a negative impact on the business side of the equation. Bars and nightclubs are forced to deal with the following:

Consumers have shown they aren’t afraid to open their wallets to maximize their “fun factor” – but this lack of information is keeping the industry from reaching its full potential.  It’s in desperate need of a solution that provides partygoers, venue owners, and vendors with more transparency in order to keep the music playing and the dance floor moving.  The tech required to pull it off is there – all that’s needed is an innovator with a unique market perspective to take the next step.


The work week is long and tedious; it’s time to stop leaving your weekend fun up to chance.  Introducing Place2b: a new app that’s uniting the party scene like never before.  We’re soaring past all the common party obstacles with a simple, efficient core functionality – by displaying the best and closest events right to a user’s mobile app.  A host of additional features, including social media aspects that allow for event recommendations events to fellow partygoers, round out our breakthrough solution.

Place2b truly brings everything needed to fulfill your party desires right to your fingertips.  Users get instant access to the hottest events in their given area, in-depth party and venue details, and a glimpse at what their peer network is up to – all in real time.  Also, who ever said having a good time can’t be profitable?  Our app gives bars and nightclubs the opportunity to create events on the fly, touching thousands of people looking to have a good time.  They’ll enjoy lower acquisition costs, better forecasting, and more control over inventory – and the increased profits that come with it.  For those more “casual” party planners, Place2b also allows for the posting of any type event – from a Super Bowl party to a weekly card game.


Because the weekend is limited and your party time is valuable, we pride ourselves on moving fast.  Viewing and joining events in an area takes a partygoer just a matter of seconds after opening the app.  Then, you’ll be living it up in no time.  Here’s a look at the simple and efficient 5-step process that Place2b is using to move the party scene forward:

In efforts to optimize the party and nightlife experience around the world, we’re committed to making constant additions to our already-robust feature set.  Here are just a few more things we currently have in place to help both the partygoer and party host ends of the spectrum:

Place2b will blow you away as an incredibly user-friendly app that’s remarkably simple to use.  Its eye-catching design is a big reason for this.

Our platform is sponsored by Facebook, making it quick and easy for bars, nightclubs, and individuals to share their fun socially.

We are first platform of its kind to emerge in the massive Miami market, meaning it has the best chance to be adopted by all the key party players.  This makes Place2b the only app both sides will need; in fact, nearly 3,000 users are already available for venues to reach.

Place2b’s core functionality, even creating events, is 100% free to use.

Event creators can exchange in various types of gift cards in return for points, which generate rewards that can be used to pay for events.

Place2b’s transparency allows hosts to quantify who is coming, which gives them vastly increased flexibility in terms of setting prices.


With the first version of our app released on both iOS and Android, we’re currently gathering feedback and doing all we can to improve upon our technology.  In the meantime, we’re also building relationships with bars, nightclubs, and other key industry players in order to secure early revenue generation opportunities.  Marketing isn’t a huge focus for us right now; but despite this, we’ve enjoyed notable early success in building our user base.  Details on this, and some other impressive things we’ve accomplished in our early days, are found below:

Building a foundation.  We haven’t been at this long – but are already gaining a significant following.  We picked up 1,000 Miami-based users in just one month after our November 2016 release, and now have over 3,000 total.

Plugged in internationally.  We’re a proud member of La French Tech, a French startup ecosystem of global entrepreneurs, investors, companies, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, and agencies.  This international connection back to our home nation provides us with a huge networking advantage going forward.

The public loves us.  Popular international website French Morning lauded our app with an article last December. We’ve also picked up a number of positive user testimonials in the app stores. In addition to French Morning, we were sponsored by the program Facebook Start for Startups.They judged our startup had an impressive growth potential.

Protecting our assets. A US trademark has been secured on the Place2b brand name. We’re also currently exploring patent opportunities to provide us with further defense of our IP assets.

Version 2.0 of Place2b is set to release soon – and once it does, we’ll begin pounding the pavement and executing our full marketing strategy.  User acquisition will be our primary focus for the rest of 2017.  We expect these marketing efforts to yield us 10,000-15,000 users by the close of the year, in addition to dozens of revenue-generating clients.  Once we’ve proven ourselves here in Miami, we will kick off our geographic expansion efforts by replicating the same model in other major markets in the Southeast US.  Continuous app improvement and feature additions will also be a focus of our short-term future development.


The Place2b concept first came to light here in Miami, where the party stays jumping around the clock.  Our Founder and CEO, Victor Ravier, was working on his Bachelor’s in Finance from the San Andreas School of Business; and like many college students, attended several house parties and nightclubs.  One night, he and his roommates organized a modest party of their own, inviting just 20 people.  Things quickly got out of hand though – as 100 people (many of them unknown) were packed into the small apartment just a couple hours in.  Realizing that he loved parties but didn’t necessarily love situations like this, Victor uncovered a need for a more organized, more transparent party scene.  He would then leverage his love for technology to create Place2b – and continues to steer daily operations and head up business development as our CEO.

Victor is supported by friend and right-hand business partner Jerome Freani, the company’s Co-Founder.  Just like our CEO, Jerome originally hails from France and is currently attending the San Andreas School of Business in Miami.  A passion for entrepreneurship and technology has led to the creation of two previous startups – with Place2b marking his third venture and big breakthrough.  Jerome holds a Bachelor’s in marketing, and will utilize this expertise to guide the company’s branding strategy and customer acquisition efforts.

Want to learn more about Place2b and this investment opportunity? Just request access to the Business Plan tab of this profile for more info, and to find out how you can get involved!



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Victor Ravier - CEO

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