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Mar 20, 2017 6:26 PM ET

Archived: Love Warrior Wellness Collective: Personal Development Programs, Life Skills Coaching, Goal Setting, Finding Your Bliss, Interpersonal Leadership Development Programs.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

Love Warrior Wellness Collective

Ventura, CA 93003, US

Love Warrior Wellness Cooperative will be a Holistic Wellness Community Center that seeks to provide a holistic solution to resolve the large societal issues of obesity, chronic pain, depression and our carbon footprints. We believe it is the personal responsibility of each individual human being for their own holistic wellness, peacefulness, and sustainable practices to support their local and global environments. As such, our task at hand is to teach the community necessary self-help skills that reflect this philosophy. We will empower Americans to be more mindful of their individual choices that are affecting themselves and our planet. We have three causes that we will ascribe to through our business practices and programs – an individual, community and global cause:
INDIVIDUAL HUMAN POTENTIAL CAUSE: To offer programs and services that teach individuals and families how to access their innate healing abilities by aligning to their personal truths, resolving limiting beliefs, listening to intuition, unconditional self-love, and compassionate loving kindness, thereby creating the necessary mind-body-spirit connections for deeper somatic awareness and inner peacefulness.
ONE LOVE COMMUNITY CAUSE: To offer programs and services that teach Permaculture and sustainability skills for healthier practices for humanity and the planet, and to empower the community to be stewards for the Earth and live in peace with all living things.
GLOBAL UNITY CAUSE: To become a catalyst for positive societal change through our online humanity coaching, service-learning, and global citizenship programs, to help create the tipping point needed for humanity to transition to a peaceful society.
Beginning in Summer 2014 Phase One of Love Warrior Wellness Cooperative is focusing efforts into developing a warm and welcoming Holistic Wellness Center for Self-Healing & Peace that offers innovative programs, support and services to those who seek well-being and healing of body, mind and spirit.

Products / Services

Healthy Mind Programs

Individual Coaching, Group Courses & Weekend Seminars:
Personal Development Programs, Life Skills Coaching, Goal Setting, Finding Your Bliss, Interpersonal Leadership Development Programs

Healthy Body Programs

Nutrition, Yoga & Movement Therapies:
Fitness Evaluations, Personalized Fitness/Weight Loss Programs, Healthy Employees Daily Nutrition Program, Plant-Based Whole Food Nutrition Cooking Classes, Yoga, Tai Chi, & Restorative Exercise Training

Healthy Spirit Programs

Energy Healing & Meditation Programs for Spiritual Health:
Spiritual Guidance & Healing Programs, Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Bio-Resonance Healing Services, Weekly Guided Imagery & Meditations for a Peaceful Community

Healthy Community Programs

Community Strength/Unity through Service-Learning Opportunities & Support Groups:
Peace Outreach, Peaceful Interactions & Peaceful Resolutions Programs, Compassionate Eating, Balancing Your Finances, Sexual Healing/Trauma Healing Support Groups (Free Weekly Meetings for the community)

Healthy Planet Programs

On-site Organic Permaculture Garden & Teaching Sustainability:
Urban & Apartment Gardening, Permaculture & Sustainability Programs, Community Share Agriculture Program, Global Citizenship Programs – Ambassadors for Earth / Earth Stewardships



Chief Executive Officer
Stephanie Bucklin

With 10+ years of education in motivational leadership, energy healing, holistic health and Kinesiology, as well as over a decade of research for her book, Stupid Human Tricks, Stephanie Bucklin has managed to take her life from negative to positive when she lost over 115 pounds in 2010-2012. A self-educated avid reader, Stephanie has developed a keen sense of Human Health Enhancement through her recent degree work in holistic health studies at Ventura College. She is now motivated to help other human beings reach their wellness goals. In early 2011, she opened Love Warrior Consulting, to help create positive change in the world. Services offered included yoga classes, wellness & life coaching, event planning, and motivational public speaking. She is building her reputation based in integrity and love, as an author, public speaker, holistic healer, and as a strong entrepreneurial business leader.

Director Marketing Officer
Rob Hinton


Director Operating Officer
Phyllis Wright


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Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
2 years, 8 months 1 Other Healthcare


Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol
Contact Information:

Stephanie Bucklin

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