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Mar 20, 2017 3:02 PM ET

Archived: LIGHTSTEP CHRONICLES – Retro Futurist Space Opera Comic Book Witness the birth of a brand new comic book series! Better yet, take part in its inception and help kickstart an entire new universe!

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 20, 2017

About this project


Lightstep Chronicles is a dystopian space opera devised as an ongoing comic book series. It is meant to be only the first of many series taking place in the same universe and joining together to form an expansive narrative that will tell the tale of a strange and colorful world and the secret hidden in its inner mechanism.  

Lightstep Chronicles take place in a future age, eons after our days and far away from our ancestral home, when time itself is the ultimate form of class distinction and oppression. Our galaxy, ruled by the omnipotent entity known as the Primogenitor, became a place in which the entire lifespan of the meek and underprivileged lasts as much as a single day in the life of the high and the mighty. In the midst of such a world, a young woman – an exile from a planet of fanatics bent on genetic purity – joins forces with an enigmatic Radio Pirate in order to unravel the mystery of a 1930’s radio program that seems to predict future events with eerie accuracy.








January Lee is the main protagonist. She carries the genetic legacy of the ancient line of The Primogenitor within herself. She is young and idealistic, refusing to conform to the rules of society that turned a cult of personality into a zealous religion – a refusal which gets her exiled from her home world.


Jazzman – Samson Set is an enigmatic ex-retainer-knight, once bound by his duty to the throne and the empire, but now turned to a different kind of “career”. He operates as a reclusive radio pirate, searching for the scraps of lost signals from ancient times that seem to hold the key to his and the future of the galaxy within them.


Colony 66 is a peculiar lifeform constituted of a colony of tiny clones produced by mitosis. Exiles from their homeworld, C-66 have found their home in the hull of Jazzman’s ship, where they provide maintenance and an endless supply of snarky comments.


One of the more interesting aspects of Lightstep Chronicles is its technology. The author and the team have invested great effort to avoid the tired Sci Fi cliches and design a fresh and elegant technological world. One of the shining examples of this effort is the bladeship technology.

Bladeships are a special type of assault spaceship, specifically designed for melee space combat. They can only be piloted by those with a genetically inherited ability called precognition. The bladeship design features were specifically developed to highlight their close combat purposes, from which they also draw their name.

The comic is written and illustrated by the award-winning author Miloš Slavković who poured his heart and soul into the creation of not just a unique and exciting story, but an entirely new world. Our overarching goal is to create an entire comic book universe with numerous adjoining and intertwining stories that would spin off into other media as well – books, video games, action figures, etc. The comic book is already accompanied by The Uncommoner’s Gene, a novel written by the respected author Ivan Branković read the first two chapters for free! The novel takes place half a century before the events of the comic book, following a wholly different storyline, yet providing many additional insights into the structure of the world our heroes inhabit.

Imagine Incredible is an ambitious project dedicated to the production and distribution of fresh and innovative comic books, written and illustrated by our carefully assembled team of in-house talents. 

The team consists of genuine comic book fanatics – artists, writers, editors – with several lifetimes of joined experience in comic book creation and comic book fandom. We are passionate, committed, and determined to provide the reader with a unique and superb comic book experience. 

Our vision was recognized by Eipix Entertainment, a globally established developer of video games, who helped get the project off the ground and who we have already partnered with in order to develop a video game based on our comic book. Lightstep Chronicles video game has already received funding from European Union’s Creative Europe – Media programme.

Keep up with the news from the Lightstep worlds on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

At the moment, the first two episodes of the planned five-episode story arc are completed. The story is all mapped out, large parts of the artwork are already in place, but we need your help to maintain the high artistic standards established in the first two episodes and bring the story to the world in all of its gorgeously designed, lushly colored glory.

The goal of the campaign is to gather the funds to complete the remaining three episodes of the story arc and publish the episodes as a collection. The five-episode collection is exclusive to Kickstarter, while the series will also be made available beyond the campaign, in the form of individual episodes.

The gathered funds will be split between production costs, reward costs (printing, packaging, etc.), and Kickstarter fees and taxes. The creative team is all set, and we also have an established collaboration with a local printing company with decades-of experience and a reputation for high quality print. It is all reflected in the budget distribution pie chart below.

The project will be completed and the pledge rewards sent out no later than six months from the end of the campaign. 



























Risks and challenges

Barring an unforeseen catastrophe like a zombie apocalypse, or an alien invasion – any catastrophic event outside of our control – this project will be completed if funded. The only potential risk we can foresee is your postman giving your pledge reward a bit of a rough treatment during shipping, but we’ll tell them to go gentle.

Contact Information:

Imagine Incredible

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