Speednite - A Head Motion Controlled Lighting Stem for Bikes Speednite let you real-time control of the lighting by keeping track of your head motion to increase your safety when riding at night. - iCrowdNewswire

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Mar 17, 2017 11:01 AM ET

Speednite – A Head Motion Controlled Lighting Stem for Bikes Speednite let you real-time control of the lighting by keeping track of your head motion to increase your safety when riding at night.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 17, 2017

About this project

Why Speednite?

For the rapidly increasing of cycling population in the world, it also bring up with many cycling accidents. And many of accidents are related to cycling at night with poor or inadequate bicycle lighting devices. So we created Speednite to provide ultimate lighting solution for your safety.

Speednite is a next generation bicycle stem with ALL-IN-ONE DESIGN that features integrated tiltable headlight and left / right laser indicators, they both can be controlled by tracking your head motion through a small head motion sensor which attached on your helmet easily. 

By the smart control of lighting, Speednite can effectively increase your visibility and allow other road users easily aware of you at night. 

So we need your support here to bring Speednite to life, lets do cycling to be more safe, smart and fun together.

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How it works:

For using speednite, you just install it to your bike by normal stem installation steps, then you can enjoy how smart the Speednite is.


Smart Tiltable Headlight

Speednite integrated with tiltable headlight that featuring vertical movement of maximum 130°, it can be configured by the Speednite App. And it can be controlled by head sensor or wireless control.


Speednite comes with a 800 lumens headlight, so it can brighten your front road clearly in very dark areas.


Smart Left / Right Laser Indication

Speednite has a smart sides laser indication which can allow you to tell other road users what your next turn is by the flashing of laser signal on the road. It can be controlled by the head sensor or wireless control.


Did you find it hard to tell others what your next turn at night? Now Speednite can solve your problem, so you are safe now. 


Head Motion Control

The head motion sensor embedded with an accelerometer. It can sense your head motion for controlling the lighting system of Speednite. It can be attached on any helmet easily. Battery can be recharged by micro USB port.

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Wireless Control

We provide a wireless control to let you have additional option to control the Speednite manually. It provides headlight control, Left / Right indication control, hazard light control.

Integrated Cycling Computer

Speednite embedded with a cycling computer which can display speed, cadence and heart rate data once it has connected with those Bluetooth devices. Also, it can be connected with the Speednite App to achieve other valued-added functions. Such as GPS and cycling training report.


Auto SOS warning


For increasing the safety for cycling at night, we added on the Auto SOS warning function to Speednite. When an accident occurs, head sensor can detects the abnormal strike by 10 seconds, Speednite will activate the SOS signal light and the Speednite App will notify your emergency contact.

Water Resistant

Speednite is water resistant, so you can do cycling no matter what the weather look like.

Headlight Modes

The headlight of Speednite comes with four lighting modes. The are Full Light, Half Light, Flash and Fast flash modes.



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Rechargeable battery

Speednite comes with a rechargeable battery, it is removable that you can charge it at home before you ride, or you can charge it with your external battery pack when you are riding for a long distance.



Stretch Goals 

The Speednite Team


Actually Speednite team is really a family, we also are cyclists and love to do cycling together. From our cycling experiences, we find that the traditional bicycle lighting devices which are not very helpful at night, so we came up with Speednite.

And we put our strengths together for making Speednite over a year, and then started to promote marketing before coming to Kickstarter.

We hope Speednite can be succesful in Kickstarter and brought to life, and to make cycling to be more safe, smart and fun. Thank you very much!

R & D in Hong Kong

Speednite has been in Research & Development and Testing for over a year in Hong Kong Science Park. And now Speednite is ready for production.







Risks and challenges

We are making a very powerful bike stem which includes many functions and features all into a single stem body. The first challenge is how to keep the stem size and weight to be optimum. And at the same, we need to make the stem structure which are enough hard and strong.
So we need to do many testings, such as hardness test, impact test, bending test, MPI inspection, etc. to make sure Speednite is safety for everyone.

And also, Speednite will be planned to meet all bicycle safety standards and consumer electronic standards to make sure we can sell and distribute to all countries.

Speednite includes many technologies, such as electronic, mechanical and software application. Although our team member are technical guys, we need to consult and work with other factory consultants to make sure Speednite is working and can be manufactured in mass production, also can meet all the delivery dates to all backers.

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