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Mar 16, 2017 7:40 PM ET

Help ODLAW launch music: We wrote it, we recorded it, we got it mastered, and now we need to release it.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 16, 2017

Help ODLAW launch music

Hey, thanks for taking the time to check out our little crowdfunding call out.


We’ve made an album!


We wrote it, we recorded it, we got it mastered, and now we need to release it.

We wanna promote the hell out of its release, and do some touring around WA and head to Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide as well.


these things cost a lot of money, and we don’t have that much money left. We’ve been saving, but it’s more expensive than what we anticipated, we dont wanna sit on it for any longer, we wan’t to release this thing so we can start working on album no.2. so we’re asking you to help us get it out there.


There’s a bunch of benefits to anyone who is willing to help us out. The Album is coming out in May with touring through May and June. We’re gonna use this money to make a music video, and you’ll hear a new song shortly. Think of this as like a pre-order but better.




Odlaw make rock tunes and live in West Australia. Mark Neal sings songs about the end of his 20’s, sharing details about his personal life in lyric format delivered in pizza boxes and written on toilet walls. Indie rock with a touch of those classic rock and emo kinda influences.


In our career so far we’ve launched a few singles, toured regional a bunch, put out an EP, and a whole mess of homemade music videos. This is going to be our first album. It’s called Regret City. it’s a 12 track self-deprecating tale of wish you could have, wish you didn’t, and the dreaded fear of missing out.


LONGEST BIO (probably a bit of overshare)


ODLAW is a 5 piece band from Perth, Western Australia. started by Mark Neal and another fella called Ben. Ben and Mark had a heap of solo songs, they played a show together in freo once and decided to combine their tunes and have some fun. Ben helped Odlaw get started. alongside a group of talented musicians Odlaw grew into a real band (kinda like Pinocchio) we released a couple of singles and an EP called ‘Soup Herb’ (yep a pun!)


Ben left the band, Mark (me) became the lead singer guy and we recruited Jago on guitar. Jago used to play in Mezzanine and is handsome as heck! In our short time as a band we’ve rotated through new members. Dane Knowles came on board several years ago just before we finished recording ‘Soup Herb’ to help us hit drums and beers, he hits em hard!

Rare photo of Dane without a beer


Recently we said goodbye to Nicole Clissa who played bass for Odlaw since we started, we were lucky enough to have her around for the recording of the new album and her bass signature is all over this thingy! Cam O’Loughlin joined the band on Bass just in time for the ‘Chumps’ Single launch


We recorded this album with Dave Parkin at Blackbird Sound Studio in Osborne Park. It’s an awesome wonderful place tucked away in WA’s grim business district. Parko (Dave Parkin) is a musical god, he played in a records Red Jezebel, and has worked with Tired Lion, Rag n’ Bone, Split Seconds, Emperors, and a heap more. During the recording process we asked Dane’s wife Renae Knowles to lend us her lovely voice (together they have a duo called Cubs). She featured big time on a couple of songs, and her backups warm the remaining shards of my busted heart. So we asked her to join the band and help bring these songs together live with her voice and some synth stuff.


Left to right: Jago, Cameron, Renae, Mark, Dane


This is us. We make music. We plan to keep doing it for a while and hope you can help us out. thanks


people have said this about us:

“Full of frenetic energy. Nice work” Dom Alessio, Triple J

“It’s a straight-up balltearer” Sonic Masala

“very nice indeed” Caitlin Nienaber, RTRFM

How The Funds Will Be Used

50% of these funds will go to manufacturing and promotion of the album, with the other 50% going to touring. With you generous contribution we are gonna release our first Odlaw album and tour it around the country on our first national tour.


Manufactiung and promotion will include:


Tshirt merch run

music video

Posters and advertising

cost of artwork and design stuff


Touring money will be used for:

flights and fuel costs

shows will be in regional WA, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide



on the unliekly chance that we make some money from the release of this album, we promise that all that money will go into album no. 2

The Challenges

The challenges we face with our campaign are delays or financial increases. we’ve budgetted quite tightly, an increase could put our budget out, or delay things. We will find a way to make the tour work and all promotion happen. We will honour all pledges and rewards even if there is an increase in the costs of rewards. 


We are already booking shows for the launch, and putting the planning in place to face any obstacles we might come up against with touring costs. This album will come out, and with your help, it’ll be done the way we’d like to do it.


Listen to the first 2 singles here:





Mark Neal









Contact Information:

Mark Neal

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