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Mar 15, 2017 3:56 PM ET

Archived: Quiquibey Appropriate Technology: Privileged to support and enable socially just and environmentally responsible livelihoods for communities in developing countries.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 15, 2017

Quiquibey Appropriate Technology

Paul is a community empowerment expert and founding director at Aliamos.org

Aliamos is privileged to support and enable socially just and environmentally responsible livelihoods for communities in developing countries.

We work locally and globally to support education, food security, water, health, sanitation and economic development projects that empower communities to flourish. We are completely volunteer run.

Our donors can choose to direct 100% of their contribution to empowering developing communities.

How The Funds Will Be Used

Continuing earlier work which established a sustainable water supply in the Moseten indigenous community of San Louis Grande, Paul will return to the  Pilon Lajas Indigenous Reserve and the Quiquibey River this March and April to run community workshops to empower the communities of the Quiquibey River into building fuel efficient and smoke free rocket stoves (from mud, sand and saw dust), composting toilets (from recycled plastic drums and other locally available materials) and to survey the water supply options in the remaining communities along the river. 


Funds will be used for building materials & simple tools and for transport to enable Paul to maximise his impact in these remote communities. These projects are essential community development initiatives in water supply, sanitation and health with smoky fires, unsanitary toilets and polluted water supplies impacting many communities along the river. The empowerment strategies used will leave the entire river valley empowered in solving these basic needs and make further external support and intervention redundant.

The Challenges

The communities are 2 days by motorised dugout canoe from the closest town. Located in a remote part of the Amazon in the middle of the jungle presents many challenges. Aside from the exotic and sometimes unclassified pathogens and parasites or the hungry Jaguar the fundamental challenge your donation will overcome and enable this project is transport. Local community members need to take time out of the other daily work to be the boat men to guide the motorised canoes that ply these treacherous waters. There is fuel and wages to pay to enable a full survey of the possible water supplies and to conduct the practical workshops in various villages.

Contact Information:

Paul Jukes

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