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Mar 3, 2017 10:34 AM ET

The Ultimate Guide to the Guest Experience

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 3, 2017

An incredible 97% of global customers have reported that customer service is the primary reason they remain loyal to a brand.

Any hotelier hoping to survive in the competitive hotel industry must therefore deliver the ultimate guest experience if they want to encourage customer loyalty and compete with their rivals. For this reason, we are offering five effective ways to improve your hotel’s customer service.

Hire the Right Employees

Every hotelier will strive to provide the highest standard of customer service to their guests, but the hotel’s employees might not share the same attitude. That is why you should aim to hire friendly, approachable and helpful team members, who are more than happy to go above and beyond for the hotel’s guests.

The individuals you hire should like the company of others; show empathy to customers’ issues; are willing to work as a team; have a keen eye for detail; and they must have a positive nature that reflects dedication to customer service. So, ask them how they would handle a variety of customer situations in an interview to identify if they would be a core team member.

Set Standards

Exceptional customer service should be available to all and not a select few. For this reason, you must set company standards in different departments. For example, the housekeeping staff must provide each guest with a set number of towels and toiletries, whilst the reception team must display the same positive attitude to every guest checking in or out of the hotel (even if they fail to return the same level of friendliness).

Each employee must know every standard required of their department, so the guest experience can be maintained 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Try to Say Yes

Every successful hotel company tries to say yes to the customer, because you will want to go above and beyond for your guests. While you may not be able to fulfil every demand, you should try your best to never say no, because you will appear unhospitable. If you think a task is impossible, try to cater to the customer’s requirement and offer an alternative if you cannot meet their needs. The effort you have made might be all it takes for them to view you as a caring company.

Refine Your Design

The guest experience goes beyond a wake-up call or a smile at reception. The hotel’s design can be just as important as the staff’s attitude, which is why you should refine your design. Provide guests with a beautiful, comfortable hotel that offers the wow factor. Read more about Sajan Hansji for more hotel design inspiration.

Encourage Staff Initiative

Encourage staff to use their initiative to resolve any guest problems, so they do not have to say no to a guest because they can’t consult a manager. While some situations may require management approval, you should also ensure staff have the freedom to solve any issues using their own judgement. If you train your staff well, they will have the confidence to make decisions on their own two feet, which will limit the pressure placed on the management team and will improve the guest experience.


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