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Oct 19, 2016 1:23 PM ET

Archived: Nerdies focuses on all of the smart and curious ‘tech kids’ (aka nerds) out there who outside of traditional education channels do not have a place that they can come and pursue the things that they are interested in.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 19, 2016


Fayetteville, AR 72701, US
Consumer Services

Nerdies is a new revolutionary education business opening in Fayetteville Arkansas, with plans to franchise in the near future. Nerdies focuses on all of the smart and curious ‘tech kids’ (aka nerds) out there who outside of traditional education channels do not have a place that they can come and pursue the things that they are interested in. Our nerds will have the opportunity to participate in various activities including attending a programming or gaming development class, build robots, learn various software platforms like Illustrator or Photoshop, explore new technologies, play video games with friends in the Nerdies Gaming Studio or just hang out and collaborate on their latest project idea in the Nerdies Caffeine Café.

Nerdies focuses on that large population of people who often just don’t fit in. They do not like sports, are six times more likely to play video games than ride a bike, could care less about the social scene, pay no attention to the latest fashion trends or care whether they are in the “popular” crowd. They are a group of smart inquisitive people who love to learn, explore new areas and just be themselves. Most of the world calls these people nerds, at Nerdies we call them our “nerds” and see them as a great business opportunity.

Products / Services

Nerdies Learning

Nerdies will provide an assortment of services in this area all focused around helping people increase their knowledge, expand their knowledge or discover new knowledge areas. This will largely be accomplished through four main services: Class Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Private Tutoring and Summer Camps.

Nerdies Gaming

At Nerdies we recognize people cannot always be in constant learning mode and sometimes they just need to relax and have fun. Knowing the demographics of our “nerds”, Nerdies will have a state of the art gaming studio which will attract and amaze.

The NGS (Nerdies Gaming Studio) will be available to our nerds for:
– Birthday Parties
– Corporate Events
– Gaming Tournaments
– Individual or Group Gaming
– Sport Watching Events

Six Amazing Gaming Screens
Best in Market Gaming Chairs
Top Consoles from Sony and Microsoft

Nerdies Lounging

Who really wants to hang out in a class room all day? Well at Nerdies you won’t. Generally training and teaching facilities feel just like a stale boring class room. At Nerdies we have designed the location to have a very cool coffee shop / advertising agency feel to it, we call it the Nerdies Caffeine Café.

– Different
– Relaxing
– Social
– Unique

Nerdies Nerding

Nerdies is a way of life, a state of being, an “I’m smart and I’m good with that” kind of brand. We want our nerds not only to identify with our brand but express who they are through Nerdies apparel. Nerdies will sell clever and unique t-shirts and apparel items which highlight the nerd culture and make it cool to be smart.



Chief Executive Officer
Brad Harvey

Brad HarveyTwenty year business and IT executive with deep experience in consulting, data analysis, enterprise strategy, and project management (former PMP). Brad also has an MBA education and an undergraduate degree in Mathematics giving him a unique and powerful combination of business savory and technical expertise.

Recently Brad has turned his focus to the creation of Nerdies. Inspired by his son’s recent diagnoses of Asperger’s Syndrome, Brad and his wife Mandy set out to find a place where he could go and pursue the things he loves. While their son will probably never play organized sports he is exceptionally talented in mathematics and wants to become a video game programmer. Coupled with Brad’s experience owning a tutoring company in college he recognized an incredible business opportunity in Nerdies which will provide his son and other smart kids like him a place to learn and explore technology all in a social environment specifically built for them.

General Operating Officer
Mandy Harvey

Mandy HarveyAs Co-Founder of Nerdies, Mandy brings an abundance of talent and insight to the company. Graduating from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences and a minor in Spanish, Mandy has seen great success with her career at Tyson Foods where she currently manages the Tyson Employment Center which handles staffing requirements for fourteen Tyson locations in NWA. Mandy is very involved in the community and is also on the board of two great non-profit groups which focus on the needs of children: Grandma’s House Child Advocacy Center and the State of Arkansas ESL Board. The combination of Mandy’s business expertise and devotion to the education and well-being of children make her an integral part to the success of Nerdies.

Consulting Advisor
Randy Duncan

Randy DuncanPrincipal at Duncan Financial LLC. Specialties Include:Capital financing and structuring, financial consulting, mergers and acquisitions, financial analysis, treasury, investor relations, SEC reporting, contract analysis and negotiation


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Brad Harvey

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