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Oct 18, 2016 11:03 AM ET

The Ultimate Workout Pants | Designed for Outdoor Running: The Best Workout Pants made with Fine Microfiber Cotton. 8 Design Features to Improve Your Everyday Workout.

iCrowdNewswire - Oct 18, 2016

The Ultimate Workout Pants | Designed for Outdoor Running

The Best Workout Pants made with Fine Microfiber Cotton. 8 Design Features to Improve Your Everyday Workout.

About this project




Workout apparel should be functional and comfortable. Here at BE, we believe in quality and functionality. After months of development, we introduce the BE Everyday Workout Pants:

1). Made from the Best Fabric: Made from a Microfiber and Cotton blend for a breathable and soft fabric. Created to be water resistant, and withstand the toughest wear. 

2). Hands-Free Design: Created to free your hands your you workout. Water Storage for hydration. Key grip while running. Mobile Phone Holder. All packaged into one beautiful pair of pants.

3). Unisex: Comfortable men’s and women’s fits, tapered at the knee for enhanced range of motion.

4). Ethically Sourced: Using Fair trade methods, the textile for these pants is purchased from South Caroline who pay their employees a decent living wage, while using friendly production methods.



Tired of carrying things while you workout? We feel you! Whether you’re outside running on a fall day, or traveling somewhere for an adventure, pants can be restrictive, and don’t offer any functionality. It doesn’t help to carry a bag to hold your water bottle, phone, keys and other valuables- especially when outdoors. Athletics pants on the market are bombarded with logos, non-functionality and made with synthetic materials that don’t breathe well.


We developed the BE Everyday Pants specifically for performance training and outdoor running, with a lightweight, breathable, high stretch fabric engineered to keep you comfortable and cool. We used this fabric as the heart and starting point of the pants, and began detailing everything from fit, to functionality. By combining experience in design with our knowledge of technical fabrics, we’ve created workout pants that are both stylish and functional, with the added features you need while working out. Carry less. Workout More. Expect More.





The Everyday Pants collection uses a unique 70 %microfiber and 30% cotton textile. Microfiber is know to be lightweight, breathable and versatile for movement. We 4 way spun the fibers for a water resistant shell. A higher percentage of cotton allows extra comfort, and soft to the touch.

Our technical fiber is a high performance fabric designed to move moisture away from the skin. Combined with cotton,  which helps you control your body heat — even in cold temperatures. Breathability is defined by determining by how much air flows through fabric in one minute, and is measured in cubic feet per minute. 





Our design team tested various fits on an array of men and women. We created a slim, articulated which fit lets you move freely, whether you’re warming up, training or stretching after a workout. Our secret sauce is the tapered knees, which enhance your range of motion.



Double Bonded zippers for durability and easy closure. We’ve tested and re-tested our zippers to ensure they never get caught in the fabric, become loose, or break. They are complicated with 4 large pocket (2 front, 2 back), ideal for storing credit cards, cash, or any other slim items.




This was our biggest issue while running outdoors.. WHERE DO YOU PUT YOUR WATER?Holding around a water bottle while running prevents you from getting the full workout you need. After running and sweating, your body is thirsty. The more you sweat, the more your blood volume decreases. The more your blood volume decreases, the harder your heart has to work to deliver oxygen to your working muscles, causing you slow down and feel discomfort.


We created an eextremely elastic bottle holder, which sits right above the back of the glutes. The spandex cotton fabric can stretch to for nearly all bottle sizes, while keeping you comfortable and your bottle safe in place.



 It’s no Secret.. Everyone loves their phone! And music is amazing while working out. Sport researchers actually studied the benefits of music to its effect on motivation and mood, and found various benefits like maintaining a high cadence with the proper tempo can encourage you to maintain a particular stride frequency or running intensity.

Our Spandex cotton phone holder can hold any phone from 2.5 inches (63.6mm) to about 3.2 inches (81.2mm). We’ve tested this while jogging, sprinting, playing basketball, and the phone remains in tact.


Our EZ Grip twist tie features a strong wire inside that holds its shape and a tough rubber shell that provides excellent grip. With an integrated loop on one end, it allows you to cinch, twist, store, and hang everything from keys to earbuds.



Subtle rivets at knees and going allow breathability and comfort while intense training.
Subtle rivets at knees and going allow breathability and comfort while intense training.




The BE Everyday pants are the perfect staple for your travel wardrobe. Zipped pockets are ideal for placing passport, cash and other valuables. Breathable fabric keeps you comfortable, and allows maximum movement (for those last minute flights!)















It was September 2015 when Basic Elevation was an idea sparked by a need in our life. Being sports enthusiast (especially basketball), we’re used to playing and training outdoors. Since it was a bit too chilly to wear short, I had on my sweatpants, which were extremly uncomfortable to jog in. While running, I noticed a majority of people running with their water bottle in one hand, and their cell phone in the other. This is the moment I realized workout clothing needs an upgrade. Since Fall 2015, we’ve been testing our concept with various textiles, zippers, rivets and cottons blends. Our concept is finally a reality, and with your early support, we’ll change the way people workout.


With testing and sampling out of the way, we’re able to divert all our focus on production and delivery. We understand nobody wants to wait months on months to receive their pants, so we’ve made it our priority to have the pants delivered January to February 2017 (just in time to shed the holiday pounds)! For more details on shipping and delivery please read below. 



Risks and challenges

We believe in transparency. We understand that dealing with production in mass volume (of any product), poses a number of obstacles along the way. That being said, we have spent several months looking into any bumps along the way:

Production: Sourcing textile from a reliable manufacturer is risky, especially when dealing with off shore manufacturing. We feel the best products are homegrown, which is why we sourced our Microfiber Cotton from South Caroline, USA. We have developed various samples with our production partners, and confident in their abilities.

Shipping: All packages, including International backers, will be delivered between January 15th- February 7th. US shipments will be shipped USPS First Class, Early Bird US backers shipped USPS Priority.

International Packages: All International packages are shipped first class USPS, and will arrive 7-10 after tracking is provided. Keep an eye on your tracking to see if it may be held at your local post office. Most packages have no problem and sail through, but some packages may be held at customs for duties. We do our best to provide you the cheapest duties in the case your package is held at customs.

Exchanges: If for any reason you are not happy with your pants, we will exchange them for 45 days, no questions asked. We will not be able to provide refunds, unless your package is undelivered or damaged for any reason.
If we foresee any hiccups along the way, our backers will be the first to know.

Contact Information:

Basic Elevation Designs

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